Social Groups

Social Groups

Jun 21, 2016, 9:46:01 PM Life and Styles

You can't get along with everyone.  That's natural. There are people with who you like to spend time and those with who you don't. In this way people often create social groups. In some ways they're good for individual and in some ways they're not.
If you're new student in a class full of groups it's harder to fit in because often groups aren't open for new members.
If you're too shy it's harder for you to fit in a group because you don't communicate too much.
If you need to do a task for school with someone from other group it can be uncomfortable sometimes.
Bad things about groups are that it separates people, groups often don't communicate with each other and there are almost always gossips and hate between them. It just ruins that feeling about school and friendship. 
But I think that it will always exist. We just hang out with some people more because they're better company for us and we love them more. Also, how we treat someone is really important. Be nice to everyone and they will be to you. 

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