Upcoming Travel Plans! 2017

Upcoming Travel Plans! 2017

In 2016, my good friend Duy and I finally went traveling together. It only took a little over 27 years! That consist of 2 years of planning and scheming of what it was going to be like when we first land in Vietnam. For our upcoming trip in 2017, it merely took a taxi ride to the market in Saigon to know that we were coming back the following year no matter what. Now with the trip booked and ready to go, let’s look at the exciting possibilities of Vietnam 2017.

Vietnam 2017!

I’m going back to Vietnam and I’m staying a bit longer than last time. I do have a couple of places I would loveee to visit in my mind and somewhat of a route to take but I’m leaving it as flexible as possible.

During these winter months in Canada, it really makes you miss those sunny beaches. I’ll definitely be heading to one of those beautiful beaches there. We’ve been talking about south of Saigon this time around to check out some beaches there (heard great things about it from family, friends, and even strangers!). The other thing on my mind this year is that I’m going to explore a little more in depth with street food and culture than I did previously.

There’s a possibility of going back to Hue for a couple days to visit my uncle and cousins if they’re not in school or at work. We do however; want to explore Da Nang a lot more. I stayed a couple nights in Da Nang but spent most of my time at Bana Hills and Asia Park with my cousins. With only one night out with Duy, we didn’t get to explore much of the night life. I had seen a glimpse of the Dragon Bridge but not when it was active and blowing out flames!

People have asked me on why I don’t go to other surrounding Asian countries such of Thailand or Philippines. I do think about it quite a bit and I would love to go but to keep my expenses low and allow me to stay longer to work on some future projects, my best option is to stick to one place for the time being. Moving around is one of the biggest expenses.


Having said that, I may suddenly buy a cheap plane ticket and just go. There have been talks about the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. I’ve been hearing entertaining stories about the Bangkok a few dozen times that I would love to check out for myself.

I’m still in touch with a couple of local friends I’ve met during my 2016 trip who are willing to take me around Bangkok if they can get the days off. I really hope they can! As for now, I’ll leave this destination open.

My main focuses for this trip

  • Testing out my new camera

Lately, I’ve been getting into film making. I recently bought a Sony A5000 to film and take amazing pictures. I want to show the beauty of Vietnam and how it has changed so much over the past few years.

In 2016, I was using my GoPro for my videos. Although a great camera for any water activity, what I found was the shakiness and the sound quality of the GoPro was not up for the intended task. I love creating videos and with this new Sony A5000, this will be exciting.

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  • Keeping track of my spending

For the past couple of years, I’ve gotten in the habit of tracking all my income and expenses but because Vietnam uses mostly cash and no cards, I did feel a bit disoriented when things didn’t add up by the end of the day.

I’ve already set up an excel sheet to track all my transportation and hotels expenses. On top of that, I came up with a plan to track all my cash spending. Bring it on Vietnam!

  • Staying healthy & fit during my trip

This has been a big problem for me since I went on my first trip to Mexico. I’ve always neglected my health when I’m out and about. It has gotten a lot better with the years passing by but not by any means perfect. In 2017, the plan is to workout at least 4 times a week if not 3 and this means a good hard workout.

See you in Vietnam this summer!

If you’re planning to visit Vietnam this summer, let me know below or email me! Let’s do what the Vietnamese people love to do at night and grab a cup of coffee!


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