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I am an intensely creative spirit who loves to inspire and help others.  I am a writer, publisher, artist, adventurer, music lover, meditator, cook, dreamer and avid nature enthusiast.  I try to live in a prayerful state, grateful for all of the immense blessings life brings.


I can be found on twitter and facebook, providing a steady stream of love every day.   I am inspired to create new content all the time.  My mind is always full of ideas, possibilities and solutions.  I love to share.


I have been working with people for as long as I can remember.  I have decades of formal and informal research and study in all fields related to psychology and social work.  I have decades of work experience in the helping field as a life coach/counselor and as an advocate for others.


I am no stranger to personal struggle.  I have had a full life of many different types of experiences.  I spent way too much time trying to figure everything out.  When I stopped analyzing and judging, and started to accept myself for who I am, real change happened.  Acceptance led me to self-love, which empowered me to live my dreams.


It is my intention to inspire others to move out of the cycle of self-help and into self-empowerment.  To help others accept and love themselves.  I believe that any love we give ourselves contributes to the betterment of the whole world.


I usually use the term the “Divine” when referring to God, Higher Power, inner wisdom, Buddha, Jesus, Oneness, Nature, or any other holy name you can think of.  Please use whatever name you are comfortable with.  Please do not be afraid to find wisdom wherever it is.


You can also find me and my books at:  www.DyanDiamond.net 

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