Creating characters post coming soon...

Creating characters post coming soon...

Aug 4, 2016, 3:49:06 PM Creative

Greetings friends! Today through Monday, Tormented Soul will be FREE on amazon, so if you haven't gotten a copy, grab it while you can!

Since today is Folklore Thursday on twitter, I decided to post three images I put together for my three fae characters. (Note: the last image is a spoiler for the second book, so be warned). There's something about the fae world that is so fascinating to me and I love the fact that everyday I get to explore it. Even if I'm not writing, my brain is planning or thinking about these characters and what they would do in certain situations. Sometimes I'll just start smiling randomly because I think of something funny a character could say, it probably makes me look crazy, but I don't care anymore. I enjoy what I do.

Would it be going too far if I wrote a post as a character?

I'm on the fence about it, I guess it depends on the topic. Maybe we'll find out one day this week. Actually, I just had a thought, later this week, prob over the weekend, I'll writing a blog about creating characters personalities. (Or how I do it) So if you're interested, stay tuned and check back in on Sunday.





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