There's something about New Orleans

There's something about New Orleans

Aug 11, 2016, 4:05:49 PM Creative

I'm really looking forward to ARC. I know I have a few other events prior to it, but I just cannot not love New Orleans. I am head over hills for the artistic feel it has and it's so exotic compared to New York. I've lived near NYC for my entire life and have never once found it mind blowing. 

What excites me about ARC is that it will be a bunch of authors and readers essential bar hopping all night. I've never really bar hopped, but I'm glad I'm doing it with people who share similar interests. It should bring up some good conversation. Maybe I'll buy a bunch of Mardi Gras beads and throw them at people.

Is that allowed down there or is it considered assault? 

Since I plan on being there a few days before the event, maybe I'll set up some kind of meet up in Jackson Square. Anyone who shows up gets a free book (as long as I have enough)...hmm...maybe. I have to think of a good hashtag for it, comment on this post if you have a good hashtag and if I like it I'll send you a book. If you're curious about what ARC is, check out the link here to see what other authors will be attending. 

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