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Someone said I'm the greatest wordsmith known. Many say I'm crazy with words. Others say I'm badass but if I am to go by my pen name, I'd say my name is Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi. My real name is Ogunyemi Blessing Gbemisola. I'm Nigerian, A Self-published Author of a Poetry Anthology titled "Creeping Voices" (an e-book) available on okadabooks.com. . .Yea, I'm a Writer😉 *an impulsive one at that*. I do almost all genres and styles ~ content, poetry, fiction, nonfiction and Screenwriting *yea! I made my debut as a Screenwriter this year*. . . I'm also a Fiction & Lifestyle Blogger, an Aspiring Media Personality, a Language Enthusiast (especially African Languages) and an ardent lover of Art, Documentaries, good music and Painting. I'm a firm believer in the collaboration of Art and Faith! And I'm highly passionate about and dedicated to Women, Children, Parenting, Abuse, Family and Emotional related causes and these I try to depict in my writings. Making recipes, cooking, baking, singing, listening to good music, operas, stage plays and watching movies are many out of my myriad of interests. I am witty and resilient. I blog at http://ibukunwrites.wordpress.com and I also share my poems on my Instagram page @ibukunwrites. I am Ibukunwrites, I'm on an awesome journey to healing. I love meeting people. I love rabbits, I'm so glad to be here and I'm many shades of awesome stuffs through Christ 😘😘😘😘 Watch out for me!💯

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