Late Night Books: 5 Books You Should Read Before Bed

Late night books

Late Night Books: 5 Books You Should Read Before Bed

Jan 18, 2022, 4:05:49 PM Entertainment

Are you looking for late-night booksReading before bed is a habit that very few people have. With the hectic pace of life in which we often find ourselves involved –whether due to work, social commitments, or daily life–, we end up exhausted and without the desire to do nothing when we get home.


Drinking tea and lying down to read late-night books can become the best ritual to rest better and allow us to find interesting titles and even discover new authors.


Reading before bed will not only help you relax. It's proven to help improve memory, reduce stress, enhance your creativity and even improve concentration.


With these 5 reading recommendations of late-night books, you will stimulate your imagination before going to sleep. You will be able to relax and even —we can assure you— you will remember your dreams better because your mind will have greater reception. Which title do you want to start with?


5 late night books to read before bed and get better rest:


1.     Helen's Dreams


With illustrations as poetic and evocative as the texts, this book is a journey through the stories we dream of: extravagant, profound, and often meaningless, from a machine that reads dreams to detect dangerous people to an island where forgotten dreams go. You will be infected with the desire to dream.


2.     The silence of the moon


The Mexican writer Jose Emilio Pacheco reflects on various topics in this collection of poems. It is one of the late-night books that lovers of poetry and those who are not as diligent readers of the genre will enjoy because, despite the depth of the poems he deals with, Pacheco manages to captivate us with many of his reflections.


“To dream is to abandon oneself / to an inhabitant who inside / writes a drama without lyrics / in invisible ink,” he writes in one of the poems of “Dark Air.” One of the advantages of this book is that you can read it in a fragmented and disordered way, in a daily search for discoveries.


3.     Dream book


What did ancient civilizations like Babylon dream of? What are the dreams that appear in the Bible? In this book, Jorge Luis Borges extensively reflects dreams and a historical journey that encompasses ancient cultures, historical figures, and famous literary works that address this topic in their pages.

The Argentine writer writes this book based on the premise that the dream is the oldest literary genre globally. Since the existence of human beings, they have shared their dreams with others, and these are the first stories that people talk to each other about.


4.     One Thousand and One Nights


This classic of literature will accompany you to different plots and styles. Although many of the stories that make up the book today were not in the original book, new stories by various authors were added until the book as we know it today was formed. If you haven't read it yet, you can't miss this experience.


5.     Dream Journal


This late-night book seeks for each of us to turn their dreams into stories, in the manner of Galeano in Helena's Dreams. You will find ideas to turn your dreams into great stories in its pages. You will be able to write your dreams day by day, and you will realize that the more you write them down and think about them, the more easily you will be able to dream and remember what you dreamed of. In addition, this book will also explain what a dream is, why we dream or what a lucid dream is. A “header” book in which you will be the main character.

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