Necessary Switchgear Maintenance Solutions and Tips

The unending technological revolution requires electrical systems that are able to put up with the constant change. Since modern facilities are dependent on computers and automated processes, they are in need of efficient switchgear power facilities so that they do not have to face delays and downtimes.

BayPower, is a reliable switchgear manufacturer, highlights the important switchgear maintenance solutions and tips. As switchgear form a tiny part of the whole power control system, they are often overlooked. However, if this tiny part experiences any disturbance, the whole power control system gets disrupted.

Essential Switchgear Solutions and Tips

Reduce the unplanned downtime by keeping the switchgear maintained. With preventive maintenance, you can dodge costly repairs and the losses that accompany it.

Use Infrared Inspections

Thermal imaging or infrared imaging is a valuable inspection tool. Although it is not an alternative to a maintenance program, it can help in the timely identification of issues that can result in full or partial equipment outage. Also, you don’t have to shutdown the equipment for carrying it out. Any errors can be scheduled for maintenance before the problem is not fixable. The infrared inspections are quick and safe.

Never Ignore The Recommended Maintenance

The required or recommended maintenance should never be neglected. Make sure you clean, inspect, lubricate, and tighten the switchgear regularly. Schedule maintenance sessions depending on the frequency of operations. Since power systems are constantly in use, moisture, heat, and other environmental elements deteriorate the insulation and conductive material and thus damage the equipment.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is always better than paying a hefty amount for the replacement or repair of power facilities. As part of preventive maintenance, switchgear should be manually worked and tested to make sure that they are operating smoothly. With annual maintenance, the switchgear remains clean and operative throughout the year.

Outsource Preventive Maintenance

The workload and numerous industrial operations make it difficult to keep up with the maintenance of machinery and other equipment. Although industries have a maintenance department, negligence and lack of interest in the maintenance of machines due to fear of downtime make these departments almost nonfunctional.

Therefore, it is best to acquire the help of professional electrical engineers who can assist the maintenance department or facility management through a proper service agreement. The outsourced company handles all the maintenance requirements and frequency of upkeeping.

Benefit From Predictive Maintenance Tool

Apart from sophisticated devices designed to analyze equipment life and maintenance, online monitoring tools help predict impending failures. The online tools run continuously and are thorough in checking. They do not require shutting down of power systems and are able to identify any problem that may later grow into a serious issue.

As a leading electrical switchgear manufacturer, BayPower provides switchgears with optimal and extensive protection against electrical faults. The compact and efficient switchgears can be used in a residential, industrial, and commercial infrastructure. 

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