The importance of cork insulation for modern homes

The importance of cork insulation for modern homes

Jun 30, 2021, 9:24:47 PM Business

Making a dream home is always a challenge because there are so many things that we need to take into consideration. And insulation for modern homes is one of those aspects. Previously fibreglass was considered to be among the favourites of insulation for homeowners around the US and adjacent areas. But now, people are slowly and surely moving towards cork insulation.

 It's an effective and eco-friendly option that enables its users to get maximum benefits of insulation installed as well as make sure that the product in use is a safer option when it comes to health concerns.

If your insulation contractor has advised you to go for cork insulation, here are some of the reasons why you should take the advice and how it helps you to choose one of the cost-effective methods of running your home.

The importance of cork insulation:

1.      Cork insulation has high thermal inertia:

For all those people who live in an extremely warm or cold environment, one of the main reasons they choose to go for cork insulation is also because they are unable to manage temperatures in the house. With the help of modern cork insulation and its high thermal inertia, the cork is able to protect your homes from extreme weather conditions. Hence, it could also be said that the cork insulation makes your home warmer in winters and cooler in summers.

So, if you are planning to design your house that could help you to achieve an optimum temperature, then going for insulation of cork is mostly advised.

2.      Acoustic properties:

People who plan to build their homes in the busy states of the country are always bothered by too much sound in the adjacent areas, and therefore, sleeping and maintain peace in your homes is always a daunting task. With thermal cork insulation and its acoustic properties, the cork is able to absorb almost 70 % of the sound that has been bothering the neighbourhood.

However, it becomes one of the desires of all those people who are living in the urban areas or areas that are thickly populated. The ability to mute your homes from outside sounds could only be done with the help of cork insulation.

3.      Reduces the cost of utility bills:

When it comes to insulation material, the main objective of doing so is that you are looking to manage temperatures inside your room. And when the desired outcome is achieved, it helps in the reduction of the cost of your utility bills.

Moreover, it is important to note here that most of the cork insulation that has been used worldwide comes from the cork derived from the oak tree and therefore, it is one of the best and eco-friendly solutions where the natural and organic form of insulation is used rather than any synthetic product which could become a cause of health concerns not only for its users but also for the mother nature as well.

4.      Resistance of moisture and dampness:

There is a number of reasons why we recommend you to use cork insulation, and one among them is that it is resistant to moisture and dampness. If your insulation material is not designed in a way that reduces moisture and mould in the surrounding areas, then it will cause more and more damage than the number of benefits that are expected from it.

Therefore, if you haven't looked in the matter of moisture-resistant material and chosen something that has a zero-tolerance to moisture, you might have to reinstall the whole insulation after they have caught moisture within them.

5.      Cost-effective:

While many people think that using cork insulation is an expensive form of insulation that most of the insulation contractors uses for their own benefits and therefore, they refrain from using any of the cork insulations in the house. However, when we look at the benefits that it gives you in terms of maintaining the temperature of the house and reducing the electricity bills, these are considered to be the most effective and most beneficial form of insulation that could be conducted at home.

To conclude, cork insulation is one of the most modern and well-suited forms of insulation that could be conducted in every household and workplace—leaving behind the limitations of previously used methods of insulation. This one comes as the one that has a ratio of overall performance and also reduces your electricity bills at the same time.

So, if you are looking to build a house in urban and highly populated areas, then going for cork insulation is one of the most recommended materials. It is also a cost-effective and eco-friendly method of insulation that promises to safeguard the homes from inside out and also doesn't causes any harm to nature and its surroundings.

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