The development of Africa will be done only by Africans

The development of Africa will be done only by Africans

Dec 13, 2017, 5:50:02 PM Opinion

When you arrived in Africa (in your country) as a professional, you met some other professionals who know that your proposal is the best one. They know that your solution could be the best, your skills could help them in their work, but they will not give you your chance. Their job is to  make you so frustrated and to push you out by a plane in business class (laugh).

Let me tell you something : if anybody comes back to Africa, some of their friends will try to convence him to return in France or Canada, whatever. But every developing country is the most difficult place to be, that is the truth. Yes, there are political issues in african developing countries, but your job is not to solve these political issues. Your job is to find opportunity to solve social problems. Your job is not to take Microsoft from United States and implement it in Africa. The continent does not need Microsoft, but it has water problems, electricity problems, health issues. Can you find a solution for all those problems? Could you contribute to solve one of these problems in your way without using an european strategy for example?

You have to do your part of job. You have to put down some solutions which could be adapted to african realities. You can go back in an African country to find a job, mais do not forget to put down a solution for one of the problems I have mentionned. As you are interested in political issues, you could develop a communication strategy to inform the population on how the government is doing its work. There are so many things to be done for Africa, think about it.


Published by Edem Gbétoglo

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