Best Business Support Process Automation Apps

Best Business Support Process Automation Apps

Jul 24, 2019, 6:00:41 PM Business

Best Business Support Process Automation Apps

Want to stay top of everything? Want to improve the efficiency of your business process management that keeps you competitive all the time? Then you must automate your business support process. Without automation, you can barely lead the race of today's competitive market. 

So, as you can see,  business process automation saves time, increase productivity, and the best option to stay competitive in the market. So, let’s have a look at these 5 business automation application to automate your business support process. 

If you are still using a paper-based system to manage your visitor, replace it with Visitor Track an automated visitor management system. This visitor management system will streamline your visitor management process, ease your management hassle, and ensure security at your office. You can check visitor details, check visitor history in just some simple clicks. Isn’t it great? 

Top Features  

  • Provide a digital badge that saves administrative cost on printing plastic ID 

  • Can blacklist intruder to restrict their future entry 

  • Use biometric technology to identify visitors 

  • Streamline check-in process, as it takes only a few seconds to check-in 

If managing fleet for your organization sounds a nightmare for you, then start using Fleet Manager. Fleet Manager is the fleet management application that will automate your fleet management process. It will ease your complex task fleet management process and make it so easy for you. Like a child play, you can manage your fleet efficiently and effectively than ever before. Using this application, you can manage the driver’s profile, fleet reservation, driver’s trip, trace fleet location, perform a remote inspection, and so on.

Top Features

  • Manage reservation, driver’s profile, driver’s trip, fleet location, fleet condition all from a single platform 

  • Trace fleet location with an embedded GPS 

  • Perform remote inspection using a mobile app  

  • Provide remote access so that you can stay up-to-date all the time 

  • Highly customizable that can adapt with your growing business 

Isn’t it tough to keep track of all your organization’s asset? If you can trace their condition accurately, you can optimize your operational cost from managing them effectively. Mostly we tend to follow the paper-based system to track all of our assets, but this process is complex, cannot provide the up-to-date result on time. Asset Tracker is the enterprise asset management application using which you can manage your assets so easily. You can check their updates, their details, who is using which asset and its condition. 

Top Features 

  • Manage asset from a single platform that makes asset management effortless. 

  • Track user of particular assets that increase the accountability and asset’s lifetime

  • Check service history of the assets that help in further decision making 

  • Provide remote access so that you can stay updated all the time 

  • Highly customizable that can adapt with your growing business 

If you are in the manufacturing business and often experienced sudden shut down of your machines, then this application is for you. Simple CMMS is a computerized machine maintenance application using which you can manage your machine maintenance effortlessly. This application automates the maintenance task and eliminates the delay and human error in maintenance. Using this application, you can schedule work orders, manage preventive and periodic maintenance work, you can even calculate external maintenance service, their cost utilizing this application. 

Top Features 

  • Create, assign and resolve work order issues within a minute 

  • Manage external work maintenance request and calculate its cost 

  • Get a notification for a scheduled inspection 

  • Provide remote access so that you can manage your multiple sites

  • Highly customizable that can adapt with your growing business 

For a good customer relationship, you need to have a good grasp over your customer data. Using this automated application can help you with this. Simple CRM is the customer relationship management application that simplifies your CRM task, make it easy for you to keep track all of your data, and manage them accurately and productively. 

Top Features 

  • Brings everything in one place that improves business communication 

  • Make the process faster and efficient that make customer service more effective

  • Access remotely that ensure the seamless and productive operation 

  • Highly customizable that can adapt with your growing business 

In business time is money, so save your money and start using these aforementioned applications from today. Internal IT resources can’t keep up with operational needs and purchasing dozens of solutions from various vendors isn’t practical or cost-effective. CloudApper solves these challenges with a single cloud solution platform.

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