Black Friday: DO’s and DON’T’s

Black Friday: DO’s and DON’T’s

Nov 12, 2017, 7:29:05 AM Life and Styles

The much-awaited sale is round the corner and I am sure everyone has been on their nerves since a very long time. This year Black Friday will be observed on 24th November 2017 and not just that many stores will be celebrating their amazing Black Friday deals before or ahead of the specified date.

Everyone has their own way of shopping. Some people prepare and research for every deal before they head out to stores meanwhile others just randomly walk into a store without knowing what is going on. To give you a better shopping idea, we have prepared a list of Do’s and Don’t’s to take into account before the sales week commences.


Be Prepared

Go through all the deals properly and select the ones you are interested in so that you focus on your best buy.

Shop online

A lot of times due to the heavy crowd stores do run out of products or they do not sell the ones discounted online. It is best to shop online or carry your device to have a proof of the deals you selected.

Visit apps and sites beforehand

There are various black Friday apps and guides on Play Store. Carefully visit all of them to know about stores’ policies and deals.

 Shop carefully

One of the main things to do is be alert what you shop. Whether you do it online or in a local store, make sure, you check all products and prices since these sale products are non-refundable.

Shop the brands you know

When it comes to online shopping, only order items from the brands you know, you have serious reviews, and information about them to prevent any frauds since this is the best time of the year to fool innocent customers.


Don’t hunt all stores

In order to save time and your energy, make a checklist and go to only the stores you need to buy products from. Don’t hunt or even window watch all of them.

Don’t just randomly go to any store

If you have been reading the news and checking out black Friday guide apps, you would know how to do your homework and only visit the stores that are renowned and have the best discounts. Don’t just go to any random store if you have no idea about their deals.

Don’t giveaway credit cards to unknown stores

Considering how online shopping is easier and convenient, it can be very dangerous too. Credit cards are valuable; don’t give away your card number unless you don’t know the store properly.

Don’t go for inflated discounts

Many stores increase prices before sale and then put them on discounts, which eventually make the products same priced as they were before the sale. Always survey different stores and then go for the best deal available.

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