Why Cardio is Important and Which machines are best for your homes

Why Cardio is Important and Which machines are best for your homes

Feb 2, 2019, 5:39:55 PM Life and Styles

First of all, why do you want to use a cardio machine? Cardio exercises are a great way to lose weight. They exercise all the muscles in your body and help you burn fat faster. Some of the cardio exercises include running, swimming, jogging, martial arts, dancing, and much more physical activity than most of your body's muscles and requires some energy. There is a little problem though, many people may not want to go outside for many reasons.

  1. They are just plain lazy and detest the very act of going outside. However, they find it easy to move around the house and think an indoor cardio machine can help them better.
  2. Some people are very busy and have a lot of work done in the gym or in the gym. An alternative for them, in this case, would be cardio machines.
  3. This is a very low probability of a risk. That is, there are some dangers in doing cardio. For example, you could get mugged or hit by a car while jogging. You could fall down the stairs and break your neck while running up and down the stairs and so on. However, cardio machines minimize these possible rare goals of cardio exercises. For example, if you fall off an elliptical machine, you are less likely to break your bones than to fall down a stairway. Also, you are less likely to get in your house than in the street - unless you are in a really insecure area. There is also a common risk of ankle injuries and knee injuries from the impact of jogging or running on the knees and ankles.

With these factors and many more into consideration, the next question may be. What, cardio machines should I buy at home? Well, there are many machines like stationary bicycles, treadmill, Jacob’s ladder, and elliptical machines and so on. You can get more information on the website On The Road To Fit, However, let us talk about elliptical machines and how they can help you on the road to fitness.

Why an elliptical machine?

Let’s say you want to get on the road to fitness – literarily, so, you get a pair of trainers, tracksuits and then hit the road jogging. You should notice some things. One of these is that anytime one of your feet hits the ground when you are jogging, you notice some slight shock on your knee and ankle. While this is harmless most of the time, there are some risks involved. This kind of impact can make your knees and ankles sore and stiff and can cause injuries to the ankles. Elliptical machines prevent that from happening while making you get the most out of your exercises. So, this means you get the same benefits as jogging and walking the stairs with a significantly lesser risk of ankle and knee injuries. This is what makes it in our opinion slightly better than standard jogging or even a treadmill. Sounds good to you?

Elliptical machines which are also called X-trainers are used to simulate walking up and down a stairwell, walking and running without causing pressure to the joints on your legs. They can really help you on your road to fitness. You can get more information about them from the website that keeps you on the road to fit. Now that you know the usefulness of elliptical machines and how they can help you with your fitness goals, let us take you through some different brands of elliptical machines you may want to buy.

Best brands of elliptical machines:

There are many good brands of elliptical machines out there (and also many low-quality brands too). However, we have decided to give you a pick of some of the best brands you can find out there. You can get more information on these brands on Fitnessator.com.

The 470 elliptical machines by Schwinn:

There is no doubt about the quality of this one as it is Amazon’s top pick and it is one of the best sellers. Amazon has a database of millions of customers in America, so it is very unlikely that a crappy product would make it to the top list. Some of the good features are that you can connect the machine to the Schwinn trainer app on Bluetooth. The set up is simple and you have a smooth ride with a lot of features and resistance levels to pick from. However, as with every single product on the market, there has been a few complaints about the product. For example, a customer noted that it was difficult to get a full range of motion on the machine. A lot of factors may have contributed to that. However, it is a good buy if you want an elliptical machine at home.

E35 Elliptical machines by SOLE fitness:

This is a heavy-weight machine which is good by the way as most of the people who want to lose weight are either obese or overweight. It can take up to 375 lbs of weight and so is ideal for obese people. Although, this means that for those who are not that obese, the elliptical machine may be oversized. This should not really impede your comfort significantly though – unless you are a really tiny person. There is no doubt about the quality because apart from it being one of the best-selling elliptical machines, a customer noted that she has used it for 3 years with no problems. Others noticed it is quite comfortable and steady even when the weight limit is almost exceeded. Because of the really big size of this machine, you may not really want it if you are pressed for space and you are not overweight. So, you should really think about your options here.

Finally, before you go out to buy an elliptical machine, there are lots of information about the elliptical machine on Fitnessators blog. Why not check them out and pick up the one you like best? Also, there are lots of exercise tips and information about keeping fit. Check fitnessator.com out for more information.


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