The Different Types of Accommodation for Students

The Different Types of Accommodation for Students

The application process to a study program in a different city is both stressful and exciting, but nothing compares to the thrill of getting admission to a top college or university. Now, you have got admission in the best institute, it’s time to start thinking about suitable accommodation.

Are you looking for accommodation for students in Mumbai? If yes, there are different kinds of accommodations available for students in Mumbai and one should consider all these options before making the final decision. Students can choose from any of these options including paying guests, hostels, and rented accommodation where each one has its own pros and cons. To make the task of choosing the accommodation for students in Mumbai or anywhere in India easier, here is the compiled list of all the options available in Mumbai for students to live while studying:

1.      Paying guest accommodation (PG): While many students find an on-campus hostel, others have to go for off-campus accommodation like PG. There are many pros and cons of living as a paying guest. The key advantage of choosing PG for students in Mumbai is that they need not look after arranging anything from their meals to laundry. Living in PG assures a homely environment as the best PG accommodations focus on providing high-quality comfort, security, hygiene and food to every student. Such accommodations are quite safer for single girls due to the availability of high-end security facilities available like CCTV cameras, security guards, and more.

2.      Hostel: Hostels are the dorm-style or shared rooms with multiple beds along with shared bathrooms. There is a separate cooking area, dining area, cleaning area, etc. available in the hostel. Most of the students prefer on-campus accommodation but due to the availability of limited rooms, not every student can find a space in university-managed hostels. Often these are the cheapest type of accommodation options available. The best hostels in Mumbai offer amazing facilities to the students including Wi-Fi, a social atmosphere, 24-hour security and more. This is the best-suited and convenient option for first-year students.

3.      House/flat share: This is one of the most common types of accommodation for students in Mumbai where they can rent a property in sharing with their friends. This option allows you to enjoy all the freedom that comes with living alone. These houses are usually pretty good value for money as you will split bills, rent, and even the food cost. Staying with classmates or friends in the house or flat will also help you with your coursework.

4.      Private flats:  This is another amazing accommodation option available in Mumbai where you can enjoy living alone. There will be no mess in the kitchen or bathroom as you are staying alone. The downside of living in this type of accommodation is the cost. A one-bedroom flat may end up being expensive especially in the city like Mumbai.

These are some of the most convenient accommodation options to consider in Mumbai for students. To get the best accommodation option, students can either visit the website of college to book their seats in a hostel or can check the online portals for the private flats or PGs. 

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