Top 10 Benefits of Pursuing PGDM over MBA

The two most popular management courses that many management aspirants are eager to enrol in include MBA (Master in Business Administration) and PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management). Students from diverse backgrounds take these courses for rapid growth in their corporate careers. Today, students from economics, commerce, or engineering background have realized the importance of pursuing an MBA or PGDM course for a successful career. When it comes to choosing the management course, students are always confused.

Why PGDM over MBA?

While the MBA is much-touted among students for the popularity it already has, PGDM is not far behind. Even pursuing PGDM is a much better option and is recommended by many industry professionals. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose PGDM over MBA:

1.      Industry-centric course curriculum: PGDM is one of the best management courses that are designed as per global standards. The course curriculum is industry-centric and is more learner-oriented. The top institutions offering a post graduate programme in management ensure that the courses contain updated syllabus as per the latest industry requirements.

2.      Unique specializations: With the ever-changing market and latest industry-trends, the new specializations are evolving. When you enrol in PGDM, you have the freedom to choose any of the specializations as per your interest. Business analytics, enterprise management, international finance are just a few to name amongst the specializations booming in the corporate market.

3.      Develop improved skills: While pursuing a PGDM course, the students will let a lot of corporate exposure which helps to hone their communication skills. Various interactive sessions are also organized to sharpen the interpersonal skills of the students.

4.      Better industrial exposure: Since PGDM is an industry-centric course; the students have the privilege of undergoing the institute sponsored internship. They get a chance to meet industry experts and gain first-hand insights into how modern business functions.

5.      Better placement offers: Institutes offering PGDM programs provide attractive placement opportunities as they have tie-ups with leading companies. They also organize job fairs to make sure that all their students get a chance to grab lucrative job offers. The best colleges offering PGDM course has the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) approval which is beneficial to grab opportunities in the Government sector and to further pursue a career in research.

6.      Mentoring by expert faculty: All the institutes offering PGDM program employ well-experienced and distinguished faculty having good academic as well as work experience. They mentor their students to shape them into outstanding individuals.

7.      Job-oriented course: PGDM is more job-oriented than MBA as it helps one to get a suitable job opportunity after completion of the course. The job opportunities are widened due to the added interpersonal and corporate skills you learn during the course.

8.      Learning opportunities: PGDM gives better learning opportunities and hands-on-experience to students as seminars and workshops are arranged. Guest lectures are also organized by industry experts to motivate students.

9.      Better financial aid: If you study in an AICTE approved business school, it is quite easier to get an education loan from banks. Students can easily avail of loan and complete their management studies without any burden.

10.  Entrepreneurial opportunities: For those students who are interested in starting their own venture, pursuing a PGDM course is the perfect stage. Such students will get the right opportunity to pitch their projects during the course.

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