Five Ways to Preserve Your Roses Lasts Forever

Five Ways to Preserve Your Roses Lasts Forever

Sep 9, 2018, 1:23:21 AM Life and Styles

How to keep roses in a box that last for a year is an important question. Roses are everyone’s favourite choice and usually connected to those memories that you do not want to forget.


Did you get a rose or a bunch of roses for your birthday? Perhaps you had the chance to get married and keep your wedding bouquet, or maybe you only have a lot of roses in your garden, and I would like to prevent them from drying out and drying out when the winter season arrives.

The process of preservation of roses in a box depends a lot on the state of flowering: the petals that have fallen? the rose that turn brown? and the flower and the root a bit flabby?

The method of preservation will depend on whether your rose is fresh or dying. Be sure to read carefully and select the correct one.

1. Freeze Drying

Freeze-dried flowers are complicated and can be expensive, but the result is fascinating.

  • To freeze-dried flowers, you should look for a freeze-drying service online or consult the local florist, who can work with or be able to refer to a freeze-drying company. Freeze-drying removes moisture from the petals.
  • The result is beautiful, luminous and timeless flowers. Another advantage is that the freeze-dried roses retain their aroma.

2. Glycerin

When you use glycerin, your flower does not dry out, keeping its shape graceful and cheerful. Glycerin replaces the water of the plant, which translates into a plant that never dries. The stem leaves, and flowers will retain their consistency and will not wrinkle. The sensation of the flower after the use of glycerin will be rubbery and flexible.

The disadvantage is that glycerin is expensive and takes two to six weeks to establish it.

3. Sand

Any method that removes moisture from a flower, making it dry, is an excellent way to preserve roses for your loved one. Sand does exactly that. Not to mention that it's easy to get and a good excuse to go to the beach.

4. Silica gel

Silica gel is not the most economical method, but it can be used many times. This method works very similar to sand because its granules are used to extract all the moisture from plants and flowers.

Some brands of silica gel contain blue crystals that change color to indicate the amount of moisture absorbed. These blue crystals turn pink when they absorb moisture from the flowers. You will know when the gel's drying capacity will be exhausted. To use the gel again, you must cook it, removing all the moisture.

If you decide to keep the flower with silica gel, you have to put it in an airtight container.

5. Pressing

You may have already seen flowers or pressed plants. Of course, when you touch the flowers, they become flat. It's a useful method for flowers that are less "fleshy" or are almost flat, like thoughts. The old way of squeezing the flowers used newspapers or an old rubric as consumables.

If you want to do it the old way:

  • Place the flowers on a piece of paper or in an address book, making sure they do not overlap.
  •  Put another piece of paper on the flowers or, if you use a directory, close it.
  • Put a board of heavy cardboard on it. On the cardboard, place a weighty object, like a pile of table books, a weight or a large stone.
  • Let the weight exert pressure on the flower for two or four weeks, depending on the humidity of the flower.
  • After a few weeks, remove the weight, table, and paper. Your flowers will be pressed and ready to show.

But I think using a microwave oven to dry roses and squeeze roses is a great idea.

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