Looking For School Admissions- Go With The Checklist Of Questions To Be Asked

Looking For School Admissions- Go With The Checklist Of Questions To Be Asked

Feb 6, 2018, 10:52:01 PM Life and Styles

A school is a place where the child is going to spend his next 14 years and build a personality of his own through systematic learning followed by a great academic curriculum. Hence, it is sometimes a nightmare to choose the first elementary school for your kids as a huge sum of money is to be invested in the child’s first years of learning. Any wrong decision may not only land up to loss of money but also precious years of learning for the child. Thus, every parent who is commuting to Bangalore or staying there should make a deep research and collect a complete list of all schools in Bangalore before finalizing the first school for their ward.

Is the school making your child learn something apart from the textbooks?

Is the academics or curriculum perfect?

Are extra co-curricular activities taking place at regular intervals?

All these questions and many more come to our mind when we search for the best school in our area. Thus, there are few questions which every parent must ask when walking to the school for gathering the right information-

  • How better the school is prepared for the future- The first question which must be asked is to know about the uncertainty and change the child will learn in the fourteen years where he/she will navigate their future jobs and succeed in their aim. Thus, every school talk about the holistic development but what is left behind is the growth and development that makes them a true learner with great wisdom and knowledge with customized skills.
  • Are the teachers skilled- The teachers are the people who will mould your child. But very few of us ask for meeting them at the time of admission. Is the school doing something for the periodic development of the teachers? Are they abreast of the latest methods of teaching and learning? All these must be verified importantly.
  • Is there any out of box learning- Every child can cramp up work easily whether it is academics or learning done for their exams. But what are the skills that are learned out of the school or beyond the books. Thus, the parent must question the school about the field trips, excursions, community activities, visits that are scheduled every year by the school. This answer will modify the overall selection process.
  • Safety and security- Having the list of top 10 schools in Bangalore is not sufficient for making the bang on the go. But as a parent apart from academics and curriculum, etc questioning should also be done on the safety and security of the learning place. Emotional safety is a paramount too.
  • Use of technology in the school- Classrooms fitted with the digital smart classes and digital aids is becoming a norm too. How are the children using this technology? How these are utilized in learning methodology, etc all should be quantified well in advance.

The questions do not end up here, as assessment, learning speeds etc all needs an answer as well. The value system of the school also makes a complete difference in remoulding kids to develop calm and understand about cultural values and beliefs. Thus, as a parent you have a right to inquire the schools about such questions before getting your child enrolled.

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