The Different Types of Photo Booths You Can Hire For Your Upcoming Wedding Party

The Different Types of Photo Booths You Can Hire For Your Upcoming Wedding Party

Nov 21, 2018, 12:58:20 AM Life and Styles

It is Photo Booth which is the main attraction for every wedding ceremony. It is the only alternative to hiring a traditional photography. Whatever you are planning to make your event outstanding, photo booth hiring is the best option above all.

There are many great ways to make your wedding memorable. Capturing group photos or candid photos is easy way to make it memorable. But if you want something new or funny then Photo Booth is the ultimate option to innovate your ideas.

In UK, there are tons of new and innovative types of photo booth available. Some of them are capable to produce instant photo strip andd others are generating digital photography, GIFs and videos on the place itself.

Through this article we will discuss the different types of Photo Booth available in the market. And how to implement them in the event accordingly. Cause all of them will not be applicable for any kind of event or party.  

Old School Photo Booth

You can go with traditional Old Classic Photo booth. Here you would hire a professional photographer, from affordable passport photo-style boxes, to luxury enclosed booths.

The booths often comes with green backdrop, live social media sharing opportunity, touchscreen display option available with this booth.

The shots are going to be unforgettable for sure.

Open-Air Photo Booth

As the name is indicating the photo booth uses in open air. The basic different from traditional photo booth is that you will not be inside the box. The great advantage of this photo booth is that they are perfect for group photos.

It is one of the most popular types of photo booths that does not require many tools. A tripod for installing camera on it accompanied by a table.

Such photo booths may come with funny props, green or any background or just the camera itself. All these things are basically dependent on your photo booth rental service along with various other service costs.

These types of photo booths are easy to generate. Your guests just press on “start,” the countdown begins, and snap will get instantly! A few photos are taken in a second.

Selfie Mirror

You won't find a person who doesn't have a selfie nowadays. Some people like to have selfie everywhere. And if it is find in wedding ceremony then there is no chance to miss the opportunity to take a selfie with different funny moods.  Photo booth hire agencies able to spot guests documenting their own take on the ceremony or event throughout the day and give them an newly and unique experience as well. This selfie mirror is easy to operate or hands free selfie opportunity. It is usually a digital touchscreen display which guest can operate easily.

360-degree photo booths

If you want your guests will be engaged with photo shooting and they can enjoy with it, 360 degree photo booth is the best way to do so. They can get a snap from every possible angle. It helps your wedding experience memorable. Also, make your party too cheerful.

Back to Back Booth

Photo Booth is a unique idea and popular activity as well. So, the guests of the events always want to take a funny selfie with the event. But the disappointment can be made if they don't get any chance to use the booth or queue would be long. So, it would be an excellent idea to install to Photo Booth both side or back to back and use the back drop to preserve the space and cost.

Using Sofa

Candid photography is a part of any event. So, if you install some sitting arrangement or informal style photo booth, therefore several people will take a capture at a time.

Big Balloon Layout

Balloons and inflatables are always good choice for make an attractive decoration for any event. Any event organiser can make a stunning backdrop with the help of these product. Oversized balloon can create a cloudd effect. Which you can move without putting much effort and transition the venue from one place to another. Find out more about the different types of balloons available in order to make such a stunning and remarkable backdrop.

There are many other types of photo booth such as GIF Maker, Flip Book Photo Booth, Slow-Mo Video Photo Booth, Green Screen Photo Booth and many more, which you can use in your wedding party. Which one you think would be suitable for your party as well as budget, the decision still up to you.

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