The ‘Magic’ That an Experimental Agency can do to Boost Consumer Involvement in Your Party

The ‘Magic’ That an Experimental Agency can do to Boost Consumer Involvement in Your Party

Mar 29, 2018, 4:03:44 PM Life and Styles

Consider a few examples here. A sport equipment supplying agency designs a storm-simulating chamber for its patrons. This gives them an opportunity test their chosen gears for free. Again, a certain airline company offers to grant the Christmas wishes of their passengers in between the time of taking off and landing.

Again, a reputed sneakers company offers its wares to its fans that can jump as high as that of a professional player. The aim of experimenting with different forms of marketing is simple- to bring along as many new clients as possible.

However, have you ever considered the fact that even your photo booth can double up as a superb tool for experimental marketing? Here’s how…

Why Photo Booths?

Experiments with marketing make for an excellent promotional strategy. It all involves development of interactive experiences. This, in turn, allows more and more customers talking about different products.

There was a time when photo booths were all a rage. They are now back with a bang in the world of experimental marketing. The reason for its comeback is evident- these tiny rooms of innovation give everyone a great chance to get goofy, as well as, play around. The bottom line is, photo booths allow for fun options to all- even to the grumpiest consumer. That being said, there are a number of ways that can help your customers make most of their photo booth experiences.

Photo Booths And Fun Shots

All of your guests might not be too comfortable and expose their whacky sides in front of the camera. Some out of the box inspirations can go a long way to make them smile, as well. As for example, you can hardly get wrong with the fin mug shots. In fact, fun mug shots have become one of the favourite ways among struggling bar vendors to engage new customers.

Also, customers who visit bar frequently would ideally love the idea of a free photo shoot. In fact, they are likely to be more than happy, if they get the opportunity to share their pictures instantly through social media even without spending a penny. So by taking the cue from it, you might want to consider a photo booth.

With the pictures snapped as mug shots, you can ensure maximum fun with your guests.   To make the long story short, these effective, yet inexpensive moves would encourage anyone to talk about the businesses that they have come across.

Interactions, Displays And Photo Booth

The digital boom has ushered a host of pleasant surprises that make a difference in the overall photo booth experience.  As for example, on-site Instagram prints, photo booths with social media integration and hashtags and touch screens are just among the very few things to contribute to an audience-driven, super successful marketing venture.

An interactive photo booth is one of the foolproof ways to encourage customer engagement and improve brad interaction. Also, an interactive photo booth, that offers unlimited social media interaction prevent the feeling of getting ‘sold’ and forced participation. On the contrary, such booths can make your customers feeling ‘compelled’ to explore the entire product on your own.

How Effective Can They Be?

After everything said and done, you might wonder whether a customized photo booth can actually leave some positive reflections and create new customers. A number of businesses prefer taking help from a seasoned experiential agency that arranges live events for consumers. As a 2013 survey shows, almost 9 out of 10 casual party guests end up being a loyal customer after participating in any given promotional event. More than 50% of the visitors are likely to become a consumer immediately, or sometimes in the near future.

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