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When you are planning a vacation the most important thing is to choose the place where to stay. Every time going on a vacation and spending a lot on hotel’s room doesn’t worth at all. We human always look for something different at least me as a traveller has this craze for finding something unique, for me uniqueness is one of the motivating factors that keeps me going on for more and more vacations and have travel experiences. If you want to experience something new and different you must stay in a tiny vacation rental home. You can enjoy your privacy fully as it’s all yours no extra guest apart from your friends (if any) plus it’s easy to maintain. You can enjoy the simplicity of life and will have some harmony with nature. This will help you to understand the simplicity of life and it may even help you to shift from the concept of “bigger is better” to “less is more”. So if you are ready to experience this kind of living you must try to visit the below mentioned houses:

1. Live a little chatt in Georgia:Tiny house living is one of the biggest living transient housing sweeping the country and embodies a lifestyle of simplicity and efficiency making multi functional design priority over size.Located outside the city of Chattanooga, Tennesseeit’s a resort of four tiny houses available for rent on a nightly basis. These houses have different amities all stated below:

  • Shangri: The house is located on a cliff which provides you the best sunset views from Lookout Mountain. This tiny luxurious house will give you the best sunset, the best sleep, and an incredible connection with the nature. It has dark woods, a rooftop porch and hidden humidor. The location of the house is just 10minutes away from the Chattanooga’s coveted outdoor adventure.
  • Old blue chair: this tiny house is designed for 5 people and has an extra large kitchen. This is one of the kids’ favourites as it has a secret reading nook, multiple lofts,and a comfortable pull out bed. It has the best sunset view from the Lookout Mountains. Even have reading nook, porthole, Dutch door and sundeck.The location of the house is just 10 miles away from the Chattanooga’s coveted outdoor adventure. Can accommodate 5 guests, 3 beds, 1 bedroom, and 1 bath.
  • Alpha: this house is the last addition to the mountain top tiny house. Enjoy the best sunset from the top of Lookout Mountainthe location of the house is just 10 minutes away from the Chattanooga’s coveted outdoor adventure. This is one of the most luxurious tiny houses.

2. Tux burypond, south Hampton, New Hampshire: This brand new tiny house is located an hour from north of Boston. It offers vacationers a unique way to experience the northeast. The tiny houses at the village are full of character and personality and range from 280-275 square feet. The houses are situated in such a location that it provides you within the reach of popular attractions, including apple orchards, farms, and restaurants. This resort offers five tiny homes, one of which welcomes pets.

3. Weecasa Lyons, Colorado: this is a riverfront property with nearly two dozen homes of different shapes and size, this is tiny a house heaven. It is located near Boulder. If you are a dreamer and ever dreamed to experience that “Alice in wonderland” feeling you are at the right place. The houses cover approximately 135 square feet, the work and the interior of the house can make you feel to stay there forever. The houses have all the amenities like a normal size kitchen, bathroom, bath, bedroom with a queen-sized bed. When you are booking the house you can book any house you like as per the members.

4. Blue moon rising McHenry, Maryland:It is located in the western of Maryland. If you are planning a vacation totally dedicated to the nature and a simple life, you must visit here. It promotes sustainable educations. They are even going to provide eco friendly cabins which use recycled materials to build these micro dwellings. You can even involve yourself in the activities like yoga, meditation, art classes, as well as lots of time to spend with nature or out on the lake. It’s just located above the Deep Creek Lake with gives you this amazing view of water along with hiking trails, event space, and waterfront access.

5. Fireside resort Jackson, Wyoming:GET READY TO HAVE A PACKAGED VACATION at FIRESIDE RESORT. If you are a type who loves ADVENTURE then this is the right place for you. If you are going for a vacation at fireside resort there is never a shortage of things you can do there. It offers a four seasons of activities and plenty of local attractions for you to enjoy. The houses are like super mod cabins and are even pet friendly. You get a dozen of option to choose from it. The houses have plenty of windows in them to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

6. Tiny house siesta, Florida: Each tiny house in siesta has its own uniqueness. You get a variety of houses in siesta, whether it is a 1st floor bedroom you look for, a 3 bedroom model, or pet friendly tiny houses you get all of them at an affordable price with all the amenities. The houses are built in such a way that it makes you closer to all the other activities you can enjoy in siesta. You can enjoy great food, shopping, water sports and then the beautiful nightfall.

7. Caravan tiny house hotel Portland, Oregon:it is located in the heart of the popular Albert Arts District in Portland, Oregon. It is one of its kind travellers from around the world come here to experience what’s its like living in a custom-made house on wheels. These houses are built by the local builders and range in size from 120-170 square feet. It’s multifunctional and space efficient furnishing. It even has a sitting area and other basic amenities. All these houses are designed uniquely and you will get different experience in each house.

8. Getaway tiny homes stanardsville, Virginia: Love nature!! Want to stay connected with it, then you must go to these tiny homes at stanardsville, it just stand on an area of 800 square feet. You may feel that you want be having enough space, but hold on it isn’t so the houses are designed in such a way that will make you feel comfortable. The tiny home offers you a refreshing taste of simplicity. Best thing about this is these houses are hidden in the woods you won’t be able to find them until you book any. Its spread over 80 acres of forest, they are at an enough distance that you will get your privacy fully and close enough to not make you feel isolated. If you need privacy with yourself or your loved once make a quick plan to visit the getaway homes.

9. United tiny house rentals Eatonton, Georgia:these tiny houses will deliver you a lakefront campsite. If you are looking forward to a romantic weekend, a long distance a road trip or a getaway to enjoy the beauty of Georgia’s lake country. Your next vacation is just going to be perfect at united tiny rentals. They even offer you full turnkey packages which can include linens, catering, delivery, set-up, break-down and more. You can even take your rented house to the desired location (certain restrictions applied). Don’t miss the experience of travelling the country in 148 ft square house.

10. Austin’s original tiny home hotel Austin, Texas: Austin is at the heart of Texas, and as such it’s the lifeblood of activity. The tiny homes of Austin come in all shapes and size. These house are comfortable all the necessities. These tiny houses allow you to experience the heart of Texas in a whole new way and start to see things from a new prospective. 

There are so many things to explore and these are one of them. These tiny houses are being developed to make a difference to change the concept of “bigger is better” to “less is more”. They are trying to bring people near to the nature; they teach you how even with basic amenities one can enjoy the simplicity of life. How important sustainable development is. These house hold a great story to tell and to explore them you need to experience the living and this is an experience once must in their life.

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