Why You Must Build Energy Efficient Ethereum Mining Rig

Why You Must Build Energy Efficient Ethereum Mining Rig

Nov 16, 2017, 8:44:07 PM Business

It is important for a miner to look for cost-efficient solutions to make larger profits and in the bargain help in improving the cause of a better environment with low carbon footprint. You must look at ways to improve the efficiency of a hash rate for every watt that is consumed as well as lower the exhaustion of resources.  What components you require and how the settings must be configured to enhance your system proficiency for Ethereum mining is given in detail in the following paragraphs. 

Ethereum Mining Precursor

Implement the following two methods to lower the energy costs when you are mining a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum.

1. Minimize the overall energy intake of your computer.

2. Increase the volume of cryptocurrency being mined contingent to the power being consumed.

There are two ways of doing this. One is using conducive GPUs and secondly using energy-efficient power supplies.

1. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Power-saving GPUs

The best low energy consuming GPUs are built by Nvidia but they are not suitable for cracking the Ethereum hashes. The next best option is the graphics cards manufactured by AMD. Among all the models, the RX 460 and RX 470 are more cost-efficient and lowers your energy consumption over the more expensive models of RX 560, RX 570 etc.  Here again, the RX 460 is more efficient as it consumes only around 75W (watts) at 11 mega-hashes per second(MHS) whereas the 470 model draws about 145 watts at hash rates of 25 MHS using the power of around 120 watts for 0.208 MHS/W.

The RX 470 device while RX 460 consumes a total of 75 watts with a hash rate of around 11 mega- hashes per second (MHS). The hash rate of the card will improve with higher RAM. You can find these devices at all the leading online stores.

RX 460 is more power efficient. It can suffice itself with the power it draws by the motherboard’s PCIe connector of around 75 watts. It can manage the power delivered by picoPSU, a small, highly efficient fanless PSU model. The RX470 is more expensive as it requires a 6-pin or an 8-pin connector to pull more power from the power supply unit (PSU).

Lower in power wastage

The power supplied by the standard PSU converting AC to DC is only 70% power efficient and about 30% goes waste. There are many better power efficient PSUs where the wastage is lower but they are expensive. It is more cost-effective to use the picoPSU which supplies power of 200 watts and nearly above 80 percent more efficient. However, to use the picoPSU you may require a few accessories like extension cables, DC power jacks etc.

Specifications for Motherboard

While there is no requirement in specific for a processor, the motherboards however, need a full- length PCIe x16 slot which delivers about 75 watts which is sufficient for the RX460. Some vendors offer a 6-pin connector as an additional measure of safety.

You can find a few motherboards with full-length Peripheral Component interconnect Express (PCIe) slots and lower power processors. AMD offers a set of processors that are ideal with features like low energy consumption, are quite affordable and offer the required full PCIe slot. Check you will find at all the leading online retailers although the costs and shipping charges may vary.

The other components

There are no specific requirements for the other components. Although most GPUs have their own in-built cooling machine, you will need a cooling case. Ensure the cooling case should not become an obstruction to the GPU’s cooling abilities.  If costs do not matter, you could keep the PSU and GPU separate. You also can find some miners interconnect several RX470 GPUs together on their storage racks while some use open-air PC builds.  However power efficient the systems may be, there is a high initial investment that you must make is high so it is recommended not to look for GPUs beyond the RX 460 or you will increase your power consumption as well as the costs.

Using SSDs (Solid State Drives) will help in enhancing the speed while booting and configuring. Boost up your RAM using 2 GB DDR2 DIMMs instead of one. You can have a better hash rate at a little investment.

How to configure your Miner

Reduce voltage supply

By controlling the voltage supply to your GPU, you can decrease the power consumption and reduce waste heat. Individual graphic cards can control the voltage supply without causing any loss though sometimes, they tend to become wobbly even at low volt supply. 

In your AMD card, deploy the Radeon Settings and go to Gaming Tab. Select global Settings.  Click on Wattman tab and search for the Voltage Control (mV). This allows you to lower the current. Though wobbling does occur, it is not very damaging to your system.

Do you need to build an energy-efficient Ethereum miner?

Ethereum, as it is, is far improved technology over the bitcoin system. Cryptocurrency is not predictable and there is some amount of risk involved so investing on additional devices could add to the risk but it would depend upon your individual capacity and how much you wish to invest on mining.



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