Renting DVD's

Renting DVD's

Jul 14, 2016, 6:43:18 PM Entertainment

Hello downloaders,

I am here to play the advocate of renting DVDs.

We live in a cyber world, where with a click of a button you can download anything.  Saying that though we waste quality time on the internet deciding what to watch, hours are gone by and still you are stuck on youtube watching trailers, trying to pick a movie. 

Fear not, there is a place called your neighbourhood DVD place that can suggest something in an instant. 

Yes, people get paid to suggest a good movie for you, of course with a small fee of renting the DVD. 

People need to start helping the movie industry rather than leech of it. I am not saying don't download, but give a little magic back. 

Besides going into a store and renting a dvd it's easier because you get human interaction and don't waste time on deciding because you have a "human help". 

PS. You can find really old movies in a split of a second.

Published by Elektra Bakhshov

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