Futureon- A bootstrapped software company for over two decades.

Futureon- A bootstrapped software company for over two decades.

 The company began operations to address issues commonly encountered in both subsea oil and gas exploration and production as theyll as modern technology problems faced by businesses today.

Using cutting-edge web technology, their suite of solutions is designed to enhance these industries. In 2014 the company spun out of xvision, a pioneering visualization company with over twenty years of experience in the oil and gas industry, creating a solution that allows for greater visual clarity when dealing with complex systems.

Futureon has created novel solutions by leveraging its expertise in data science and visualization to create value in areas that have traditionally been very complex. By utilizing a common interface across all platforms, customers can take advantage of their solutions immediately and without extensive training, empowering them to unlock value faster.

They provide software that drives efficiency in the oil and gas industry.

 In today's competitive business environment, companies need to maximize their return on assets and minimize waste. Their technology enables the customers to visualize data and expand the power of the human mind, allowing them to make better decisions faster.

Futureon's smartview technology has been used in more than 110 countries across over 40 projects. This is an advanced data visualization software that provides greater depth of insight through the use of interactive, visually rich dashboards that also optimize user understanding.

Interactive data visualization provides a solution that is not only novel in the market but has been shown to provide real business insights. In addition it enables organizations to be more efficient and make better decisions by removing the barrier of poor visualization.

Futureon's solution is designed from the ground up to give users instant access to a wealth of vital information, empowering leaders with a more complete picture of their activities. This allows for better resource management, faster decision-making and reduced operating costs – ultimately leading to greater profitability.


Futureon's first solution provides a comprehensive suite of software solutions that can be used by both onshore and offshore oil and gas operators.

Their approach utilizes interactive data visualization to provide a common interface across all platforms that allow. Their customers to take advantage of their solutions immediately and without extensive training.

Futureon's saas-based solution serves as a cost containment solution for the oil and gas industry by making data transparent and accessible. By utilizing their technology, organizations can identify wasteful activities – such as unnecessary trips, poorly executed survey work and unnecessary maintenance – and take proactive steps to limit such events.

In addition, their solution is designed to help organizations identify opportunities for inspection and maintenance that can be completed while the equipment is offline, leading to less downtime in the future. Their technology also enables companies to identify what areas of their business are most profitable and can be improved to lead to an overall increase ain inefficiency.

Futureon's second solution streamlines the process of planning and scheduling inspections, while providing a better understanding of asset health through advanced analytics. With their technology, companies can identify which assets should be inspected based on a multitude of factors including age and degradation trends. This maximizes the effectiveness of inspection efforts and reduces time spent traveling between assets while still ensuring comprehensive inspections.

Their solution provides a thorough analysis of the condition of assets to recommend which should be repaired or replaced.

This gives organizations greater visibility into their assets and ensures that they are always working on the right projects. By providing an accurate picture of asset conditions, their solution enables organizations to cut costs and increase the life span of their assets.

They designed their technology to provide an immediate return on investment for their customers by helping reduce costs across their business, their goal is to help create an efficient oil and gas industry that can continue operating productively and profitably, even as the energy sector goes through its current transformation.

Futureon's solutions are customizable and can be tailored to meet different organizations' needs using their application programming interfaces (apis). This allows data from numerous systems to be accessed and analyzed in one place – increasing efficiency throughout the organization.

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