How Reading manga helps improve your brain function.

How Reading manga helps improve your brain function.


Research has shown that reading manga, or Japanese comics, helps improve your brain function. Don't worry if you're not a manga fan, however. The same study also showed that reading any book helps improve your brain function.

Imagine sitting down with a steaming hot drink, a hot dog, and a cookie on a hot summer day. All of a sudden, you have almost immediate access to intense stimulation via books and videos. Wouldn’t it be great if your favorite book series could do that for you?

Manga, on the other hand, has been dubbed, ‘the Japanese institution of reading’. In 2015, the American stroke association recognized manga as a suitable substitute for traditional reading due to the increased brain power and concentration that it offers.

We love reading, but despite this, we often use distractions to read books — whether it be from Spotify, my phone, or a friend’s story. Thankfully, you can use any combination of media to help you read the manga. At best, it’s only three minutes per day. At the worst, you’re reading for three hours per day!

Want to cut down the time you spend reading? Check out these tips for getting started with reading v. Anime and ebooks.

Before we go any further, we should note that this article isn’t meant to be taken as medical advice. We’re not a doctor, and the author of this article has no medical qualifications. You should always consult with your doctor if you have certain concerns or questions before you embark on any new lifestyle changes.

Although you probably spend a majority of your time sitting down to read, you could probably stand to increase your daily exercise. Research shows that reading can promote lung health and help protect your heart, joints, and bones.

So can you just go for a 30-minute manga stroll now? Yes, you can. Just make sure you get a fizzy snack or some hot cocoa along for the ride.



2. Reading manga is a fun way to spend your free time.


Manga is a type of japanese comics that is enjoyed all over the world. You’ll find manga in bookstores, on the internet, and even on mobile apps. There are so many different genres of manga to choose from and it’s a great way to improve your reading skills and learn about different cultures.

Want to read about a love story between two characters, but don’t want to spend too much time with it? You can use the gentle mode for a quick synopsis that is ready to read at a moment’s notice. You can also choose to concentrate on the main character and help him grow up as you read. Breathtaking artwork and graphic novels make these stories so much more enjoyable than some “boring” sci-fi or superhero stories.

Whether it’s a character like tomoyo saeta, a lazy and unmotivated student who wants to change her life, or haruna kosaka, a girl who yearns to be independent, you always have something to root for in your favorite manga. Helpful teens, like the ones in the series, are often shown overcoming obstacles and achieving great things in their lives. As you grow, these characters will help you along in your own journeys.

If you enjoy the dating sim side of things, then you can also take it in a whole new twist by working your way through the manga page by page. You’ll see that in Japanese, people only read one page at a time. This way, you’re less likely to marathon through a series if you want to see what the tension in one chapter is all about. Read the sentences as if you’re stage-by-stage presenting your options.

Whatever your age and educational level, there is something for everyone in your favorite Japanese comics. Perhaps you’d enjoy Ronja the robber’s dream, or Yotsuba at the zoo. These series are geared towards an all-ages audience, aim to encourage teamwork, and can provide useful life lessons.

The latest addition to the list is steins; gate, a science fiction romance novel by Yoko Shimomura.



3. Reading manga will help you relax and reduce stress


To อ่านมังงะ is one of the greatest ways to relax and reduce stress because it allows you to escape from the real world and immerse yourself in a completely different world. If you’re looking for a way to escape from your daily stressors, try reading manga. Manga is a Japanese comic book that originated in the late 18th century. You can’t really put a finger on when exactly manga came into existence because it went through years of evolution, but by the early 1970s, there’s no question that the local newspapers and magazines had started printing manga.

Manga is a great source of inspiration and entertainment because it allows me to escape into a different world and immerse myself. It can provide years of enjoyment and creativity if you find what captivates you. And it doesn’t have to be serious manga, you can read the humorous manga to lighten up the mood. Sometimes, you can find a traditionally censored manga online that's only shown in Japanese. Other times you can purchase manga that’s uncensored by censors and published in your local newspaper or magazine. Don’t be afraid to ask your local bookstore if they have any manga that’s local to your area.

Being able to read manga can help you regain your focus and decrease brain fog. Researchers have found that those who read manga have stronger attention spans.

When we was a kid, we never knew much about reading, but we knew that reading was important. One of the main reasons we got into reading in the first place was because of my grandmother, who was an avid reader. We remember her sitting in her rocking chair with a large book in her hand and her attention completely focused on the book. Of course, as a teenager, we never really paid attention to her because we wasn’t much interested in reading. But reading is also great for developing your mind because you’ll be able to identify the patterns in your own thoughts.



4. Reading manga helps you learn new words and also exposes you to useful phrases in another language


If you want to learn a new language, reading manga can help. Not only does reading manga make learning a new language fun, but it can also help you learn new words and expressions. As you read, look for words and expressions you don’t know and then look them up in a dictionary. You might discover a new meaning for a word you read about.

If you saw a Pixar movie at the theater last weekend, you likely instantly knew what the character was talking about. Reading a book about a Pixar movie can not only tell you which one you’d like to see but may also help you understand the emotion behind the words.

In yet another example of people’s reactions to words and expressions being explained, college teachers who read the work of English poet William blake reported improved comprehension. All the more reason to take advantage of this technique at your next live-in yoga class.

By the time you go to grad school, reading Japanese might not sound like a good idea if you’re new to the language. Now that you understand Japanese characters and surrounding words, you’re ready to read more text and explore new hobbies like learning to play the guitar, playing the drums, or playing the ukulele.

Read between the lines: an unexpected benefit of reading

Learning to read between the lines doesn’t always feel like a fun activity or aid-your-mind strategy. strategy. it helps you focus and understand a complicated text.

It is possible to read the full book on a computer by glancing at its title at the top of the screen as you read. When you read a real book, you are not distracted by this sort of interruption. When it comes to the size of the book, you'll need more space to view everything on it.

As you "read" a page on your computer, you can really stop the page and observe how each word is related to the next one.



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