Where to get the best of Indian Astronomy: star map India

Personalized star map India is a compilation of interesting astronomical objects and their locations

Where to get the best of Indian Astronomy: star map India

Personalized star map India is a compilation of interesting astronomical objects and their locations with relation to the earth, which is available on the internet. All such information is provided within a single text file, which has been formatted to be used by astrologers and cartographers. A star map will contain all known stars of the Indian sky along with their location and relative positions. The names of the constellations as well as many other terrestrial objects will also be listed in the star map.

There are many reasons why an individual would choose to create a customized star map of India. Such a project might be undertaken as a gift to friends and relatives living abroad who intend to visit India. The same gift could be presented to students studying in any educational institution in India. Alternatively, a person may be inspired to undertake such a project as a part of the process of obtaining a patent in the USA for a product or technology related to India and thus invest money and energy in his/her education. By creating this kind of study material, one is likely to make many friends in the process, as well as gain some business contacts.

The cosmic rules specify the natures of the four elements and the corresponding relationship between the elements.

In the process of searching for a reference source, it is not uncommon for a person to come across mention of the cosmic laws that govern the lives of all living things. It is in this context that the word "biotic" is used. As an astrologer, I am often asked about these laws and whether it is possible to apply them to Indian astrology, so that we could understand the effects of our actions on the cosmic environment. I have a simple answer: yes, one can indeed try it. However, before delving deeper into this aspect, let us first look at what exactly we mean by the cosmic laws.

Each of the 4 elements is subdivided into smaller entities, with each of the entities having an individual significance. The natures of the elements are further subdivided into the stellar and chakras domains. A star in the natal chart can carry within itself the properties necessary to constitute a particular stellar domain, while a chakra corresponds to an element with a corresponding terrestrial domain. A property of a star in the natal chart may also be determined by its position in the natal chart. The natal chart is the blueprint of a person's life according to astrology, and it contains within itself all the basic building blocks necessary to build a personality.

Let us now see how this applies to the cosmic natal chart in the case of the star map India.

 When it comes to star map India if a person draws a star map of India for various reasons, and the reason for such a decision is rooted in the location of the destination, as well as the personality of the person. For instance, a traveler intending a trip to India may do so because of the blazing sun on the second day of his journey. This bright day will prove to him an ideal destination, where he can find answers to all his queries about the various religions of India. If such a person had no personal ties with any Hindu or Muslim, then he would have to make do with the information provided by a map drawn on the Indian plane, based on the geographical and cultural features of that country.

Another example would be a businessman, who is making a trip to the subcontinent to establish a new business. This businessman will draw a star map of India to help him decide upon the most lucrative part of the country to settle down in. Such a decision would be completely dependent on the trade prospects that could be opened up through the route with the least amount of hassle. To say the least, a person will prefer a safe trade area over one that promises an exciting array of possibilities.

A third example is found in the ancient civilization of the Indus Valley Civilization. This group of people were renowned for their astrological skills, including the drawing of a cosmic lion on a lingam, considered to be their most important weapon in defense against the enemy. The drawing of the cosmic lion was not only meant as a defensive measure; rather, it was meant as a symbol of power and domination. Their drawing of the bull represents the era when they ruled over most of the earth, and as such is a representation of the glory that the Indus Valley Civilization possessed.

Similar cosmic portrayals can also be found in the Bhopal city museum, where a separate section has been devoted to the city's ancient rulers. In the museum, a woman holds a mirror which has been painstakingly crafted out of brass, with a single tear running across its surface, symbolizing the sorrow of parting from the love of a father. Another famous museum exhibit in the city displays a hand-carved brass mirror depicting the life of Rama II, the king of Bhopal. Made out of bronze, the star-shaped mirror depicts Rama's reign over the land as a warrior, husband and king; its feminine figure adorned by jewelry and surrounded by a ring of thunderbolts, reflecting her unapproachable nature; the perfect picture of the perfection of a warrior queen.

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