Travel Outfit Hacks: Tips To Look Fashionable During Travel

Travel Outfit Hacks: Tips To Look Fashionable During Travel

Mar 31, 2021, 7:05:39 AM Life and Styles

It is an incredible hassle to pack clothes for a trip. Many airlines have increased their fees for checked baggage, so now it's not an issue of space to pack light but of economics too. The only thing you are worried about how much your bag is weighed. So we come up here to give you tips to consider packing things that remain stylish and light as well.  

Are you wondering what to wear and how to stay stylish during travel days? It is pretty tough. But online clothing boutiques have found hack ideas to stay fashionable during travel.

How to look stylish while traveling  

Pack basics mostly and few statement pieces 

While traveling, remember to pack 70% of the clothes should be basics, not statement pieces. Jeans, black skirt, cute flowy sundress, warm coat or shorts, dressy-casual blouses, depending on the environment you can all mix and match to fit any occasion. Having your suitcase full of basic clothes, you don't require a set of clothes for every activity.

For instance, wearing a tank top with some dark jeans or shorts is perfect for hiking, biking, or just exploring the city. When you tuck the same tank top with a black skirt and layer it with a cardigan and scarf, it becomes a cute flirty outfit for your dinner in town. 

Trendy dresses - oh my fav!

While traveling, most of the clothes will be in solid colors, but you need to have one or two colorful pieces that brighten up your outfit with a pair of shoes. This cute dress will probably go everywhere. When you pair this dress perfectly with a cardigan, the vineyards to the beach give you a flattering style. And it also doesn't wrinkle in your suitcase.  

Play with layer styling 

Layering is a key to style your dress up or down. A little black dress is perfect for a night on the town, for example, it becomes a lot more appropriate for day wear when it's style with a shrug, blazer, or sweater, or it is worn over dark stockings. Similarly, dark jeans with flowy blouse tops can quickly make you dress up with a well-fitted colorful denim jacket or a long scarf that you can use as a shawl. 

Shoes - your favorite partner

Another way to enhance your outfit is by packing a colorful pair of women's designer shoes to go with solid colors. Try out these booties as they can be your favorite travel shoes, and you surely get a compliment every time you wear them. Basically, with any solid-colored outfit, they pair it up well, be it jeans, shorts, or dresses. 

These shoes have cushioned insoles with amazing support. They liven up your outfit and don't take too much space in your luggage. These ankle booties are a good option for you to give it a try. 

Scarves - elevates any outfit.

I am going to warn you!! Once you buy a scarf, you will become addicted to buying more and more and have a drawer full of them at home. It is tough just to pick one on a trip, so if you are going to travel somewhere in a cold climate, pick it up two to three into your bag. It doesn't need any space at all; instead, it elevates your outfit and gives it a more finished look.

Dress up with trendy accessories

Similar to your clothing, keep accessories simple as they can easily style with any outfit. Small gold or silver studs, a nice long chain, or your favorite cuff bracelet will cover most of your needs, whether you are going dressy or casual. You will be surprised how easy it is to coordinate alluring jewelry with your outfits. Turquoise and silver bracelets look adorable with solid-colored pieces. Shop from a texas boutique and get yourself a nice trendy piece to bring with you. 

Bags and luggage ideas for travel

Now, you have travel outfits and accessories all set. But how to organize them all? Consider these ideas:

  • A carry bag with four wheels is a great option to store your essentials, laptop, or change of clothes. 
  • Pack your passport, boarding pass, kindle into a cross body or shoulder bag from a texas boutique.
  • A duffle bag is great to backup luggage for shopping or an extra item when you come back from your trip. 

Your destination matters!

If you are going for a beach vacay place, you don't want to carry heavy coats and turtlenecks, while on a trip to a cold climate, it's not the place to carry shorts and swimsuits. Packing for tropical destinations is easy, but for cold-weather destinations, packing light is quite tricky. This is where layering comes in handy; gloves, beanies, and socks are your savior to brighten up an outfit. Online clothing boutique is a one-stop-shop to buy all the dresses or coats you need to pack during traveling. Also, at an affordable price!

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