5 Dangers Of Having Untrimmed Trees In Your Property

5 Dangers Of Having Untrimmed Trees In Your Property

Jan 10, 2019, 2:44:22 PM Life and Styles

Trees undoubtedly improve the overall aesthetic of your property. Trees add beauty and curb appeal, while providing shade when you want to enjoy lazy afternoons out on your yard. Imagine setting up a hammock under the shade, sipping lemonade while listening to your favorite music. It’s such a relaxing and comforting thought after a hard day at work.

As a property owner, you have to have your trees trimmed or else it would pose dangers to you, your property and other persons. If you can’t do it yourself, companies like Bellarine Trees provide tree trimming services.



Here are some reasons why you should have your trees trimmed:



1. Fallen Branches Can Injure People

Over time, tree branches weaken, and they fall to the ground. When it falls inside your property, it is dangerous for children and even old people to be in your yard. The branches of trees have sharp edges, so when children play among those fallen branches, they could injure themselves. It could even fall on your neighbor’s side of the fence and endanger the people living there too.

When the branches fall outside of your property or on the sidewalk, it can injure people there too. The branches could fall on unsuspecting pedestrians, and you will be held liable for any injuries your trees cause.


2. Untrimmed Trees Attract Wild Animals

Trees are natural habitats for some wild animals like squirrels and snakes. Raccoons and rats also climb those branches. If your trees are untrimmed, it will attract more wild animals because it provides shelter and the animals know that the thick and unruly branches can hide them. The wild animals that inhabit your untrimmed trees can enter your homes especially during winter time and seek warmth in your vents and cause danger for your family.

The animals attracted by untrimmed trees could bite, scratch, poison, and even spread diseases to you and your loved ones. Rabies is common in wild animals and humans can get infected which can be deadly if not treated immediately. So, trim your trees to keep your family safe and healthy.



3. Untrimmed Trees Can Cause a Disturbance on Power Lines

When your tree grows near the power line, it is crucial to trim it regularly. If the branches fall and get caught in the power line, it could disrupt the electric current. Your home and even the whole neighborhood could lose electricity. It’s going to be an inconvenience to everyone, and all your neighbors may also get frustrated with you.

Aside from the power interruption, if the tree branches overgrow to the point that it touches the power lines, it’s a potential fire hazard. Trees can catch on fire, which could even spread to nearby homes, and loss of electric current as well.



4. Untrimmed Trees Can Be Road Obstructions

Trees that are on your sidewalk near the road are hazardous for passing vehicles. Overgrown trees can cause obstructions for cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. The branches that hang over the road can block their views of the road ahead which could cause accidents not only to the passing vehicle but to incoming ones too.

If you don’t trim your trees, in time, the branches will weaken and, it will fall on the road. Those fallen tree branches are also dangerous for the passing vehicles. If you leave the large branches on the way, the drivers will be forced to go around it or get out from their car and remove the tree themselves. They could block the other side of the road and even cause slow moving traffic.



5. Untrimmed Trees Can Damage Your Home

Untrimmed trees that expand over to your home will also extend the damages to your house, especially the walls and the roof. The branches can push through your walls and roof which will cause holes. It could damage the foundations of your house and even cause it to crumble. Rain and snow can also cause moisture to the trees which will lead to the growth of moss.

If the branches are touching the exterior of your house, the moss could also spread over to your home. It will cause rotting which could weaken your walls and your roof. The roof shingles may fall and even cause injury to you, your family, or your neighbors.



Trees are an excellent addition to the beauty and value of your property. It’s also helpful for the environment to have even a few trees instead of completely cutting everything down. Responsible property owners should always have their trees trimmed. After all, paying someone to trim your trees is a lot cheaper than paying for hospital bills and damages caused by untrimmed trees.

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