7 Ways Your Business Can Survive Truck Accident Lawsuits

7 Ways Your Business Can Survive Truck Accident Lawsuits

Jan 28, 2019, 2:09:34 PM Business

If your business involves the use of commercial trucks and other vehicles, it’s important to know the strict federal regulations. That’s because the vehicles used in this kind of business are larger than the typical passenger cars. That said, you need to be extra careful in not getting sued especially when a truck accident happens on the road.


With the increased risk of road accidents these days, your business might deal with a truck accident lawsuit, which may put your company in jeopardy if you’re not ready to handle one. Here are seven ways your business can survive truck accident lawsuits.

1.    Be prepared.


Even if you don’t expect to deal with a truck accident lawsuit, it’s beneficial to prepare your business beforehand. Like any other companies, make sure you have insurance against a potential lawsuit. It’s essential that you know precisely what these insurance policies are for. However, depending on the nature of the business you’re operating such as a trucking company, you may need more specialized insurance coverage. This will cover lawsuits related to claims of an injury, property damage, and other occurrences that may lead to lawsuits.


Moreover, your insurance policy will shoulder the courtroom costs, attorney’s fees, and the money you might use to fulfill a settlement. In other words, your insurance policies are there to protect you from the possibility of losing your business because of a lawsuit. So, consider examining your policies and make sure you ask your insurance company if the policy covers truck accident lawsuits.


2.    Hire a lawyer on retainer.


Truck accident lawsuits are complicated and confusing, which is why hiring a professional lawyer can be the best option. Besides, you don’t want to handle the complications alone once you’re hit with a lawsuit.


If you want to survive the entire process of getting your trucking business sued, look for a lawyer who is experienced and qualified in dealing cases involving your commercial trucks. If you’re searching for the perfect lawyer who can handle truck accident lawsuits you’re concerned with, refer to Alex & Saavedra's Guide to Winning Truck Accident Lawsuits for more information.


3.    Review the suit papers with a lawyer carefully.


This is the first thing you should do when you receive the suit papers. As a business owner, you want to protect your company’s interests. Hence, it’s wise to get the suit papers reviewed with the help of an attorney. This will make sure that the information in the lawsuit has the proper person or entity related to the issues. Then, you have to check and review the allegations in the complaint so you can also build your defenses properly. Be sure to preserve all the records associated with the case. If it’s a truck accident case, then you need to keep all the travel and maintenance logs of the truck involved.


4.    Refrain from communicating with the other party directly.


Regardless of the nature of the case, business owners are precluded from communicating with the other party. That’s because anything you might say about the lawsuit can be used against you. Thus, you should make sure that all necessary communications with the opposing party should be channeled through your lawyer. If you’re looking to survive truck accident lawsuits in your favor, don’t ever discuss the case with the other party.


5.    Notify your insurance company about the lawsuit.


If you believe one of your insurance policies covers the suit you’re involved, give your insurance company a call as soon as possible to inform them about the case. This will let you know whether your policies will cover all the litigation costs including the claims initiated by the opposing party. Tucking companies need to have specialized insurance to handle the claims associated with truck accidents.


6.    Don’t rush to settle.


Lawsuits over truck accidents are much more complicated than other car accidents. That’s why you need to be careful in seeking a trucking accident settlement right away as the opposing party might use it to their advantage. Even if you’re given the opportunity to negotiate, your premature desire to settle the dispute too early will only provide the other party the leverage to fight you.  Instead, it’s a good idea to stick with your position and get ready to defend your company’s interests all the way to court.


7.    Don’t let your emotions overpower you.


As a business owner, it’s indeed difficult not to worry when you’re a party to a truck accident lawsuit. However, you need to keep hold of your emotions if you want to survive the case. Even if the litigation is pending, it’s essential to keep your business going; don’t allow these highs and lows affect you and the company you’re running.




Fighting a lawsuit requires hard work and patience from every business owner. Despite the complexities of the situation, it’s still possible to battle and survive. You just need a thorough planning and a good legal team with adequate knowledge in truck accident law who will help you navigate all legal issues involving your business. With these tips in place, your company will not only survive a legal fallout but will also grow moving forward.



Published by Elena Tahora

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