8 Times When You Should Hire A Lawyer

8 Times When You Should Hire A Lawyer

Jan 14, 2019, 4:55:29 PM Business

From drafting an estate plan or a business contract, to recovering financial compensation from car accidents, many situations will make you wonder whether enlisting the assistance of a lawyer is the right decision. However, the necessity of having someone for legal representation and assistance depends upon several factors.


Here eight instances where hiring a lawyer is important.


1. Severe injury is involved.


Whether you’ve been injured due to a car accident or a defective product, it’s essential to consult a lawyer right away. Even if you have insurance companies to depend on for settlement claims, getting someone who can represent your best interests is still recommended.

If you’ve been seriously hurt and it shows that you have a right to claim compensation, it’s wise to speak to a lawyer to discuss the possible options for your case. Most personal injury attorneys handle cases on a contingency basis which means you’ll not pay them anything unless you obtain a judgment in your favor.


2. Drafting a comprehensive estate plan.


It’s entirely possible to draft a will or a basic living trust without the help of a lawyer. However, with the complexities of the estate laws, you want to be sure of what you’re doing.

If you have a sizeable estate, an extensive estate distribution plan, or even tax issues, you need a lawyer like
Moloney and Partners to work on these matters and make sure your estate planning will be materialized in accordance with the law. Given their proper legal training, they already possess the knowledge and expertise expected of them as legal professionals.


3. Dealing with complex business matters.


Running a business also requires you to get a good lawyer on your side. If you have a complex business organization, have difficult tax matters, or a need to apply for a patent, it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer to avoid dealing with business litigations later on.

When it comes to employee relations, let your lawyer educate you about your rights and that of your employees. That way, you’ll not find yourself defending your business from the claims of your employees.


4. You want to adopt a child.


Adopting a child isn’t an easy process because the interests of the child are at stake and the state has to protect them by implementing strict rules and regulations for adoption. As this is an essential matter that requires legal knowledge, having an attorney will ensure that all legalities have been complied with.


5. There’s a need for a contract.


Whenever you enter into any transaction, it’s vital that you read and understand the provisions of the contract you’re going to sign. In the event where you find some ambiguous terms or you’re looking forward to prepare the agreement yourself, hire a lawyer to assist you throughout the process. Using their experience in practice, they know whether a contract is detrimental to your interests or not.


6. Complicated divorce.


Being in a complicated divorce situation might mean having disagreements over the properties and children, dealing with some accusations of domestic violence or facing a problematic division of retirement benefits. Whatever your situation is, you’ll need legal help to get through the legal process. With them by your side, you can be able to explore your legal options and come up with a fair settlement or judgment.


7. You have to administer the estate of a dead person.


The processes involving inheritance rights can become more complicated depending on the size of the estate. While many states provide simplified procedures for estate matters, hiring a lawyer can be of help when the processes involved are complex and confusing or when there are tax problems.


8. You face criminal charges.


Facing a criminal offense can be one of the scariest things that might happen to you. Depending on the extent of your violation, you might suffer from a variety of legal penalties including jail time. If you know your freedom is at stake in a situation you’re in now, don’t hesitate to seek out the help of a criminal defense attorney. They will present a strong case to defend you and make sure your rights are protected.





If you know you have legal rights to safeguard in the first place, it’s vital to call a lawyer as early as possible. By knowing when you should need legal assistance, you’ll also improve your chances of getting your legal problems settled without too much stress and anxiety. So, schedule a consultation today and start educating yourself about your rights under the law.

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