Call Tracking and How It Can Help Your Business Long Term

Call Tracking and How It Can Help Your Business Long Term

Sep 20, 2018, 2:25:31 PM Business

In the business world, it is important to be able to adjust your business easily and quickly in order to meet customer demands, stay ahead of the competition, and keep your business afloat. However, you also need to look into the future and think long term. This can be tricky, as the dimensions you can tackle in terms of business growth can be across a wide variety of areas. Part of what you can tap into for business success is call tracking, and it can do a lot of wonders in your business if you use it properly. Thankfully, this article will show you just how you can use call tracking to achieve long-term success.

It might help to know the importance and impact of calls on your sales before proceeding with call tracking. For instance, half of buyers actually research about companies using third-party sources before getting in touch with sales representatives. In addition, 73% of executives like working with marketers that were referred to them, and customers are four (4) times more likely to buy via referrals. It takes eight (8) cold-call attempts to reach customers, and teleprospectors make as many as 100 to 500 calls to qualify one lead. Sales representatives spend as much as 40% of their time looking for people to call. A lot of these processes can be easier and more effective if you have data to work with.

Making Call Tracking Work for Your Business

As mentioned above, calls do have a huge influence on sales. However, they remain as one of the most neglected aspects of the sales process in a lot of businesses. Call tracking services such as Fone Dynamics can actually help you improve your company’s way of communicating with your customers. Should you consider it, here are some benefits of call tracking that you ought to know:

  • Finally put call myths to a close: Before the arrival of call tracking technology, much of what happens during calls are up for speculation. No one had a way to know what was really going on during a call. As such, companies spend a lot of time training or retraining staff on things that might not be the answer. Call tracking can finally put an end to these myths as this technology essentially allows businesses to know exactly what goes on during calls. Furthermore, relevant data are generated for use by the company.
  • Get data that can be used to help improve various sales processes: The data that you get from call tracking can range from demographical data to specific situational variables; these data can be analyzed to come up with action plans to improve the various aspects of your sale process. This can encourage you and your team to put on a thinking hat to fully utilize these data.
  • Track exactly where calls are going and what for: Call tracking allows you to connect various phones in your sales team's office to various channels. This means you can immediately identify which channels are producing what kinds of calls. Moreover, you can use this information to assess whether or not some channels are working as expected or not. Maybe your ads aren't working? Maybe your site isn't getting as much views as you want?
  • Determine what keywords are effective: Call tracking can actually determine what keywords in the ads are effective in getting customers. Using call tracking, you can identify the "most popular" keywords in your niche. Hence, you can zero in on these keywords in order to get leads, conversions, and returns.
  • Testing variables in your channels for conversions are easier: Thanks to call tracking, you can now do tests with more accuracy given that your business has a means of tracking where conversions are going. This means A/B tests and other trials can be done easily.
  • Data you get can be streamlined with other applications: Interestingly, the data you get through call tracking will also be usable in other means. This allows you to integrate your call tracking data to other systems and tools, such as analytics. Hence, operations and data gathering are more efficient.
  • Get more ways to assess and improve operations: Another extremely important benefit call tracking provides is the ability to assess and improve your operations, thanks to the data it provides. Its recording feature also allows you to identify which practices are good for your company. Hence, you can highlight your company’s strengths and improve on your weaknesses.


The Bottom Line: Call Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

Call tracking is definitely one of the most helpful marketing technologies around. Let the points above guide you in your decision whether you should invest in this technology or not. As call tracking can push your company to business success, use it to its full potential.

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