Honda for Sale Syracuse NY: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying One

Honda for Sale Syracuse NY: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying One

Jan 9, 2019, 2:43:11 PM Life and Styles

As one of central New York’s most populous cities, Syracuse sees a lot of vehicles traversing its various roads every single day. A majority of those vehicles are cars made by global automobile manufacturers like Honda. You might have always wanted to own a Honda car, so you visited online and browsed through their inventory of vehicles for sale.

However, before buying a Honda car from Syracuse, ask yourself these questions:

1. Will the car be suitable for your intended future use?

If you only factor in your current status as a solo driver while visiting a Honda car dealership in Syracuse, New York, you might end up purchasing a subcompact car. Unfortunately, as much as it might immediately accomplish your goal of getting around the said city, your Honda Fit might become a burden to you later on when you start raising a couple of kids with your special someone.

So before buying a vehicle made by Honda, figure out first if you’ll eventually have a family of your own with somebody else. You might then have to get yourself a Honda CR-V as the said car model is an SUV (or sports utility vehicle) with these features that make it perfect for drivers like you who have to bring your entire family along for the ride:

  • Lots of wiggle room in the passenger seats at the back for your kids who can’t remain still while inside a car for extended periods
  • Spacious interior for any additional things such as groceries or large backpacks that you might bring with you if you want to take your family on a trip to some vacation destination
  • Two charging ports so that all of you can charge your mobile devices if ever they run out of batteries during  your road trip, and
  • Door pockets where you can stash bottles of water in case anyone in your family gets thirsty while on the road

2. Will you be better off buying a new Honda car or a used one?

There’s often a feeling of satisfaction whenever buying anything that’s brand new whether it be clothes, records, or a Honda car. However, the minute you purchase a brand new vehicle from a dealership and drive it from their lot to your home, it loses almost 10% of its original value.

Say you decided to buy a brand new Honda CR-V from a car dealer in Syracuse, NY for $30,000. Once you take it out of their lot, its market value already depreciates by as much as $3,000. So your 30,000-dollar Honda CR-V one minute becomes only a 27,000-dollar one the next.

If you don’t mind the depreciation in the market value of a Honda car as noted above, you might only shrug it off. But if you don’t want to spend what you might believe to be too much money on something whose value will lessen anyway, you might want to buy a pre-owned Honda car instead. Just make sure to check its odometer first if its previous owner drove it for only less than 10,000 miles before selling it to a dealership in Syracuse so that you’ll get to take home a Honda car that’s almost good as new.

3. Do you have enough money to own a vehicle?

Buying a Honda car is one thing. But owning it is another. Going back to the example earlier, you shouldn’t expect to spend only $30,000 on a brand new Honda CR-V. Remember that since a car is a long-term investment, you’ll also have to dish out money for the following expenses that you will incur once you buy the said vehicle from a Syracuse dealership:

  • Auto insurance since you have to protect yourself financially in case you become involved in a car accident
  • Gasoline since your Honda car can’t run without it
  • Maintenance since you’ll want to keep your Honda car in usable condition as much as possible
  • Repairs in case any of the parts of your Honda car suddenly gets damaged, and its manufacturer’s warranty that should cover those has already expired
  • Vehicle registration fees as applicable throughout the entire state of New York such as:
    • License plate fee of $25
    • Title certification fee of $50
    • Sales tax if you forgot to pay it at the dealership where you bought your Honda car

So instead of considering only the price of the Honda car that you want to buy, you should also factor in the extra costs that will come with owning one when saving up for it. That way, you won’t get caught unaware once you take your desired Honda car out of the dealership lot and into your garage.


With several manufacturers to choose from, purchasing your first automobile can feel overwhelming. You can never go wrong though when you opt for a car from Honda, especially after they garnered both Most Trusted and Best Overall Brand awards from auto industry research outfit Kelley Blue Book back in 2014.

However, you shouldn’t rush into getting yourself a Honda car just because the said brand is famous. Before buying one at a dealership in Syracuse NY, you should ask yourself the three questions listed above first so that you won’t end up owning a vehicle that might turn out to be a dud.

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