Qualities Of A Good Accommodation

Qualities Of A Good Accommodation

Jan 11, 2018, 3:02:15 PM Life and Styles

Whether one is taking a few days away from home for vacation or a business trip, the main consideration becomes accommodation. It’s every traveler’s wish to get the kind of comfort or even better than they get at home even when they are miles away.

A bad accommodation experience means a bad trip, so there are a number of considerations to be made when looking for a good accommodation. These include the following qualities.


Most hotels offering accommodation, taking a case study of Gozo accommodation invest a lot of resources in ensuring their guests stay in a clean environment. A clean accommodation means sparkles clean sheets and pillow, scrubbed walls, floors and clear window panes.

The rooms should be free of litter, and a dustbin should be available in each room for guests to dump their waste. Washrooms should be cleaned and sterilized, and enough for any number of guests.

A good accommodation facility should have round the clock cleaners, who keep floors clean by mopping off any spillages. This should be the first quality of consideration when choosing a hotel to stay in.

Hospitable staff

With the staff members, it starts with how they welcome guests. They must make the guest feel loved, with phrases like ‘welcome’; ‘how can I be of help’; ‘tell us if there is a way we can be of help’.

Guests seem to get comfortable in a hotel whose staff are happy, and always smiling at them, even in the case of a disagreement.  The staff should also be easily accessible, in case the guests need some help.


Budget consciousness is paramount for any visitor seeking Gozo accommodation since any saved coin is channeled to other activities away from the hotel. A cost-effective accommodation is one which charges a lower fee than the others in its class while maintaining the same level quality service.

Hoteliers can achieve this by letting guests pay for only that which they use in the hotel. For example, most hotels in Malta don’t charge swimming pool services, since most of the guest prefer to swim in the sea and end up not using the hotel swimming pool.

Sufficient security

Security ranges from basic internal security against petty theft to the general hotel security from external theft and terrorism. A good accommodation provider should have security measures such as security guards at the gate and inside the hotel who carry out around the clock surveillance.

CCTV surveillance should also be installed, to monitor the various corners of residence, and they should be backed by an efficient backup and playback ability in the case of theft.

Safety measures

Safety of guests should be paramount in every hotelier or accommodation services provider. These include basics such as firefighting equipment, which should have a description on how to use in the case of fire. The hotel rooms should also have first aid kits, and a first aid expert available at all times. Amenities such as swimming pools should have instructors.


In addition to these qualities, an ideal accommodation must be attractive to the eye, with beautifully painted walls and an artistic structure.

Published by Elena Tahora

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