Today, not tomorrow. Because for every “tomorrow” you’ve told yourself, you have constituted today an imperfect day, a day to be spent on not very important activities, rather than what you really want to do.

Today, not tomorrow or yesterday. Yesterday is hopeless and it’s useless to ponder on it.  Tomorrow is full of possibility, but for every today you’re wasting, it also becomes more and more uncertain and unlikely.

Today  is perfect. It’s safe, small, manageable, it’s good enough. Today you don’t have to do everything, but only a start, only a small part of your effort. Make a symbolic gesture towards yourself, show you care today and your tomorrow will have a great yesterday’s story to tell. Your tomorrow will have hope and more faith in you to stand on.

Today is asking for your attention, but you’re silencing it in browsing and eating, in watching another episode. Today wants to be your day, but you decide to spend it on others’ achievements or failures and the countless todays they have spent on their way to victory or defeat.

Do it today, even if you don’t know how, not tomorrow.  Sing today, dance today, run today, speak up, say what’s in your heart, learn, connect, give up what’s been bringing you down, cry, move on, all one today at a time. Do it today and even if you fail, you will be braver tomorrow and even if you fail at the end, you will at least have lived.

Published by Eleni Riga-Johansen

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