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I've been writing since childhood, pasting my own handwritten stories and illustrations onto children's books that I didn't like. In an ideal world, every book would be a pop-up. Everything I experience and observe in the world around me inspires me to turn to the pen. Nothing goes unnoticed. While I am a modest charmer and enjoy being around people, I have learned to be selective with who I genuinely love. Life is too short to live otherwise. My inborn passion for storytelling has granted me a unique opportunity to professionally write for clients as a living. Only those I love. Friends and family joke that I'm a 'high end gypsy', but I see myself on a life adventure as a citizen of the world with a deep love for culture, family, languages, architecture, history & archaeology, home-cooked food, design & the arts, and wonderful conversation - the kind that lasts until 5AM.  

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