Brief history of mobile phones

Brief history of mobile phones

Jul 26, 2017, 6:36:16 PM News

Can you imagine your life without a mobile phone? We use them constantly: in urgent situations or just for fun. Millions of people will agree that a cell phone is one of the greatest modern inventions that save us every day. Because even Romeo and Juliet would have been alive if they had had mobile phones. Still, the cell phone had taken a long way until it became that thin touch-screen gadget in your pocket. We offer you to trace back the history of mobile phones.

The beginning

The predecessors of cell phones were bulky, large machines called radio carriers, which were actually impossible to be carried around, unless taken it into a car. The first kind of a cell phone - DynaTAC 8000x - was produced by Motorola in 1983. Such brick phones were equipped with a LED display and offered talk time about 30 min. The phone had extremely high price but became very popular, especially after the movie Wall Street where it was shown. However, those phones were mostly bought by companies for business purposes and didn’t have common use.

Being a flagship of mobile phone industry, Motorola continued developing its product. The next step in mobile industry was the MicroTAC with its clamshell shape and a red LED screen. For the first time a phone provided its user with a set of additional functions such as a calculator and hands-free operation. You won’t believe, but it cost around $2500! Just compare it with modern Moto prices and design variety.

The outbreak

Those old phones were still too large and expensive to be sold massively. Real all-round using of mobile phones began after Nokia had released a so called candybar. A new phone shape was actually the size of a candy bar and could be easily put into a pocket. With constant functional development, a candybar or unibody became one of the most common and successful mobile phone shapes, because it contained all the elements in one small block, which was very handy.

Getting off the ground

Satellite mobile connection extended the boundaries of the phone industry. And here Motorola was again ahead of the curve. Its hybrid satellite phone enabled users to make calls from any corner of the world. Still, manufacturers kept developing the software too. The first smartphones allowed internet connections with email and fax options. Internal memory growth caused the emerging of a new sphere of mobile programs and games. A phone was turning into a multi-purpose device.

Keep in touch

After a boisterous period of playing with the size and shape of phone keypads, a touchscreen appeared on the market. Replacing most of the keys, it allowed the manufacturers to make smartphones thinner, lighter, and more stylish. The release of the first iPhone in 2007 marked a new era in the mobile industry. Modern smartphones include many other devices like cameras, music players, e-books and so on. Nowadays technologies develop so quickly that people tend to buy a better phone every year. So, if you are just thinking about purchasing a gadget, use this tool to compare smartphone prices and find the best variant for you.

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