A New Report Says Amazon is Working on a Smart Fridge

A New Report Says Amazon is Working on a Smart Fridge

Oct 20, 2021, 7:51:30 AM News

According to a new report from Insider, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is working on a smart fridge. Amazon has named its ambitious project “Project Pulse.” Also, the project is being developed under the same team that was involved in developing High-tech Amazon Go Stores. Amazon has engaged the same physical stores unit in developing this new smart fridge that undertook its high-tech go stores.

As Business Insider has reported, this new project focused on developing a smart fridge to track consumers’ purchase habits and inventory. The smart fridge also orders more when your grocery will be running low or close to expiring. The refrigerator will also suggest recipes based on the available products.

Above all, it will offer its users an easy way to order required things or more food from Whole Food grocery store or Amazon Fresh. According to Business Insider, the tech giant is not going to manufacture the fridge itself. Instead, it is talking to many known appliance manufacturers. Amazon will provide the required technology and camera to make the smart fridge.

As Business Insider has said, Amazon has been into fridge foray for the last two years. Gopi Prashanth, a director of computer and artificial intelligence, is leading the team. Amidst all, it is yet not known when the online retail giant will introduce the product. Also, it still can’t be said that Amazon will introduce the smart fridge.

However, the report says that the tech giant will partner with many other manufacturers if it introduces the smart fridge. Many users know that the idea of a smart fridge is not a new thing. Before Amazon, LG and Samsung have already offered products that act as smart fridges. For example, these products can identify food when connected to digital assistants such as Bixby.

Also, it can even order more groceries in some cases. If Amazon is working on introducing a smart fridge, then many things will add value to it. For example, Amazon has a vast network of grocery stores. Plus, the tech giant has already used computer vision in Dash carts and Amazon Go convenience stores to identify grocery items.

Recently, the online retailer has barged into thermostats like many other product categories. The company is also in a good position regarding price in comparison to its competitors. Also, it has successfully integrated many other smart devices into its ecosystem. Meanwhile, the Amazon spokesperson has said that they don’t want to comment on speculations or rumors.

Overall, nothing concrete can be said about the release date of the tech giant’s latest project. But Amazon is a big company and has enough resources to employ in this project. Amazon has surprised everyone in the past by introducing many of its ambitious projects. For example, Amazon introduced its robot at its hardware event, which was long-awaited. By introducing its robot, the world’s largest online retailer proved Bloomberg’s prediction wrong. Bloomberg had predicted that the tech giant would not announce its robot. Likewise, the company also surprised its customers by introducing the Alexa-based microwave.

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