AirPods Are Not Visible On Apple's Find My Map: Here's Why

AirPods Are Not Visible On Apple's Find My Map: Here's Why

Jun 18, 2021, 11:21:50 AM News

Apple’s Find My app is incredible for locating misplaced or lost devices, including your AirPods. But, these earbuds have limited tracking abilities.

Apple’s Find My app offers a great way to search for your misplaced or lost devices. But, sometimes, it may happen that an Apple does not appear on the map. It is particularly true for Apple’s AirPods. AirPods are very tiny in size. So, the chances of losing these earbuds are much higher than any other device. Unfortunately, AirPods come with a few additional limitations for tracking in comparison to other Apple devices.

AirPods & Find My App

AirPods are very much popular among Apple device users. It gives the ultimate listening experience and freedom to the users. Primarily, it is beneficial for the users who have invested in the ecosystem of Apple. Besides, the seamless connection of AirPods with several Apple devices and its sound quality make it the perfect device.

Above all, its integration with the Find My app is the most significant selling point in itself. Even you lost your one AirPod; you can open the Find My app and check the map. It will help you to retrieve your earbud again when lost.

How AirPods Function With Find My App & Why Not shown Up On The Map

AirPods need a connection to a particular device to work correctly. The connection is also required when tracking the earbuds. So, the primary reason why Find My app does not show AirPods sometimes is that the earbuds can’t broadcast signals on their own. It means, if your AirPods are not connected to your iPhone, they will not be shown up on the Find My app.

Therefore, users have to check whether they have enabled Find My App for the connected device before searching for AirPods. Suppose you have lost your AirPods before enabling the Find My app on the connected device. In that case, you won’t be able to find out your misplaced device using the app.

Why Might AirPods Not Show: Some Other Reasons?

A battery can be a principal reason why you can’t see AirPods on the Find My app. Like many other devices, your AirPods need some charge to identify their current location. Your device will be lost the connection when the battery will run out.

In technical terms, the Find My app will still show you the last known location of your AirPods. However, it will show it only for some time and stop seeing it after some time. Similarly, you can’t track your AirPods if they have placed them in their charging case.

In this case, tracking the charging case is not possible. When you placed your earbuds in the charging case, their ability to track will be disabled. Additionally, users can’t track their AirPods if earbuds are out of range. Whether your earbuds are running out of battery or out of range, you will get a message stating “Offline” or “No location found” instead of finding their exact location.

If you find none of the above situations apply in your case, there may be network issues with the Find My app. The various services that Apple provides can meet with network issues occasionally. It results in temporary service disruptions that may include the Find My app also. However, the situation returns to normalcy once Apple recognizes it.

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