AirTags Vs Tile Vs SmartTags: Ultimate Comparison

AirTags Vs Tile Vs SmartTags: Ultimate Comparison

May 7, 2021, 10:51:35 AM Tech and Science

Do you often misplace your things, such as your keys or wallet? If yes, then you can attach a Bluetooth tracker to these things. This little device assures that you can constantly find the location via the app. If the object is nearby, the tracker can perform a noise.

Apple’s AirTags revealed on Tuesday at the spring event are an opponent to Tile tracker tags and Samsung’s SmartTags, which launched in January.

If you’re in the business for any Bluetooth tracker tech, you’ve got many options. Apple is not the first one with this kind of product. Tile is currently the business leader when it gets to Bluetooth trackers, but the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag has also been available in the Netherlands since the origin of the year.

So, here are a few basic details about each product:

Apple AirTags

Apple’s AirTags are small circular devices. You can attach an AirTag onto your keys, a bag, or any other object using one of the many accessories like eyeglasses, straps, keychains, and fabric mounts sold individually by third-party corporations. The AirTag can be matched with Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and it operates with the Find My app.


Tile has remained in the tracking device industry for nearly a decade, allowing multiple types of tracker tags depending on what kind of object you want to appoint them to. You can pick between the basic: Tile Mate, Tile Slim, Tile Stickers, and performance and combo packs, as well as limited and exclusive edition designs. Every product is available in many colors and pack alternatives.

If you double-press the Tile key on the tag itself, the Tile will get your phone ring. If you’re out of range, the app will show the last position of your Tile. If it’s lost, pick Notify When Found to get assistance from others using the Tile app.

Samsung SmartTag

Like AirTags, Samsung’s product fights with Tile to help discover lost items like keys, phones, pets like cats and dogs. You can only use SmartTags with Samsung Galaxy phones.

SmartTags connect to SmartThings Find, Samsung’s built-in center for smart home appliances. Samsung launched with two versions SmartTag and SmartTag Plus. SmartTags uses Bluetooth Low Energy, while SmartTag Plus uses ultrawideband. It is because every Samsung Galaxy devices support BLE, but not UWB. You’ll find UWB on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Galaxy S21 Plus only.

With the SmartThings Find app, tap the Find card and pick a device you’ve registered and want to find. If you’re close, the screen will show a guideline to assist you in better finding your device. You can also perform it to play a sound. If it’s lost, other Samsung devices can anonymously help if they are near the tag and let you know its position. All this occurs in the background, and this whole process is encrypted.


The AirTag pairs with your iOS device and the Samsung SmartTag can manage your smart home; both drop out on cross-platform usage.

The AirTag is the smallest of the three Bluetooth trackers. The smallest compact Bluetooth tracker from Tile is the Tile Mate, 35 by 35 mm and 5 mm thick. The Galaxy SmartTag is slightly bigger at 39 by 39 mm and a thickness of 10 mm. With the round shape, the Apple AirTag is only 31.9 mm in diameter and 8 mm thick.

The AirTag is accordingly the smallest, but that comparison is not proper. The Tile and Galaxy SmartTag are intended to have a hole in them. These devices can be connected directly to a key ring.

Both Samsung and Apple offer individual patterns for their BlueTooth trackers, which you can customize via key fob or any other accessories. Tile offers diverse shapes for diverse objectives. A Tile card is available to glide in your wallet or purse so that you do not have a bump. There are also small Tile stickers available that you can attach to devices.

Tile offers a variety of BlueTooth ranges. It also offers the much smart tracker lineup. The Mate for the keys, Tile Pro for your backpack, Slim for the wallet, and Sticker for remotes and other elements. You can sign up for the Tile premium plan, where you can get compensation for the lost assets that Tile couldn’t locate.

Samsung SmartTag comes in some satisfactory colors, a water-resistant design, and a rubberized matte finish. They settle among the best smart trackers for Samsung users only. This is also a disadvantage because the tag works exclusively with Samsung Galaxy devices. So it’s not even fit with Android as an ecosystem, which makes it hard to recommend.

Pricing And Availability

The best Bluetooth smart tracker for you might be the one that is easily available at a fair price. For that same reason, Tile, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, and the Apple AirTag are on this list.

Coming to Tile, there are four models to choose from, and the range begins at $24 for the Mate model.

The Galaxy SmartTag is priced at $29.99 on the Samsung online store.

The Apple AirTag opens at $29 from the Apple Store.


Apple’s Find My platform is free to third parties, and it’s just a matter of time before Tile is cooperative with it. Tile provides you with more options, colors, and insurance on tagged objects. The Apple AirTag is also a beautiful and smooth tracker, but the one-size approach for every stuff may not or may work for you.

Tile company has a recent partnership with HP and Intel. Intel is producing a tracking chip in partnership with Tile, which indicates Tile will be in your laptops shortly.

There are several independent features and cautions to all smart trackers. The Tile appears up as the most accomplished of the three.

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