Android 12: Launch Date And New Features

Android 12: Launch Date And New Features

May 7, 2021, 9:09:02 AM Tech and Science

Android 12 is only a few months away from the user’s hand. Every year, Google releases a software update to its Android mobile operating system. Android 12 has recently released its third major milestone. However, its official name has not been announced yet. Google has recently released the third Android 12 developer preview to the people, giving us access to a fresh new Operating System. Like always, developer previews are very early versions of the Android 12, so they are not ready for public use.

But these were the last and final developer previews, by which we can get some hints about the new upcoming Android 12.

Last year, it rolled out Android 11. In 2021, Google has announced Android 12, and Android 12 is available now in developer preview files. That means it is not ready for its public release yet, but it is only a few months away from the official release of Android 12. Google is improving and introducing various new features in its latest Android version Android 12.

  • Tweaks to media handling,
  • Notification support,
  • Improvements to privacy,
  • Haptic feedback,
  • Notifications User Interface.

These are only a few things, and there is a lot to come next.

When will Android 12 be available?

  • 3rd Developer preview release date: April 2021
  • Public beta release date: May 2021
  • The official rollout: September 2021

Google always follows the same pattern. In the starting few months of the year, it launches many developer previews. Android 12 developer preview is now live. It was first released on 18 February 2021, before the second version launched almost exactly a month later, on 17 March. The third launch occurred after a month in April 2021.

In May, Google usually holds an I/O developer conference to announce the first public beta for customers to test new features and improvements. The final version of Android 12 will get an official rollout to compatible handsets near September 2021.

Which device get Android 12 first?

  • Pixel devices
  • Upcoming Pixel flagship will launch android 12.

New in Android 12

Most of the features and improvements already live in the first developer preview. 2nd or 3rd developer previews are relatively minor changes to existing UI and features.

there are a few features and improvements which are noticeable by developer previews:

Easier Wi-Fi sharing

In the previous Android version, if you want to share a Wi-Fi connection with someone, you can create a QR code. However, in Android 12, you can neglect the barcode scanning, and all you have to do is just hit the Nearby button you see underneath the QR code. That will use the Android 12 Nearby Share feature to transmit the Wi-Fi credentials to whomever you like.

While many people think scanning the QR code is pretty easy, this new feature will allow you to share the connection info with many people without giving them your phone around for everyone to scan.

Screenshot markup options

In Android 11, if someone captures a screenshot with a Pixel device, you can easily edit that screenshot with paintbrush-like tools. With the new Android 12, you can add text, Emoji, and stickers to your screenshots using the same tool. Screenshot editing is not a big deal, but it will provide some bits of help to some people who need other third-party apps to edit the screenshot.

Wallpaper-based theming system

The Android 12 features use the wallpaper color to set the color of its system elements. For example, if you apply a wallpaper of a black cat, UI elements will adopt a shade of wallpaper color. Some developers also say that the same colors are applied to Android 12’s notification screen, settings, main menus, and lock screen.

It is a well-developed and advanced feature from Google for Android 12 users.

Google hides the top feature for a reason. It’s also not confirmed that this feature will be available to Android 12’s final version. Android 12 also introduces support for AVIF, which is an image format. AVIF provides improved image quality compared to JPEG without the penalty of larger file sizes. This feature makes use of the open-source video codec AV1, which was first introduced to Android 10.

Media Transcoding

Although in the previous Android version, HEVC is growing in popularity, but the video compression standard isn’t supported by all apps available in the play store. Now, Google is trying to introduce a new transcoding layer to Android 12 that will let unsupported apps also benefit from video compression. There are several Video capturing apps that do not support HEVC. But now, with the help of new Android 12 features, they can transcode that file in AVC. AVC is a readily available video compression format nowadays, and it is used in many devices.

Audio Effect

They are using the latest technologies like audio signals, by which they receive the strength and duration of vibrations. Google is permitting many developers to analyze haptic feedback patterns with audio features in the new Android 12. It adds a further immersive layer to media playback or alerts in the new Android 12.

In Android 12, the video calling apps like Google duo or zoom may identify the caller just by the ringtone by using the improved haptic feedback feature.

Cookie Handling

The SameSite characteristic allows each developer to declare if a specific website should limit cookies or not. New Android 12 is making support functions for SameSite cookie management to WebView in mobile devices. This cookie handling addition improves Android 12’s handling ability of cookies across the Operating Systems and various apps. Major Android browsers already support the same cookie handling process.

Insert Files

Android 12 is giving users more control over insert files through the keyboard, clipboard. Its improved drag and drop feature helps a lot in many cases. A new, improved API will let users insert and move media from any keyboard or clipboard sources.

For this feature, Supported formats are the same as Android 11 and other older versions. It will include text, images, videos, and audio files. It will speed up the process of sharing files or text across all apps for you.

Notification improvements

The new Android 12’s notification system is redesigned to improve uses, functionality, and design. The main focus points are tweaking the drawer and controls. Android 12 new look is also freshening up transitions and animations.

Android 12 Main targeting is the response of people. In Android 12, you can go directly to your apps with the help of Google taps. It is also changing the approach for notification to arrive on the user’s device.

There are also some more rumors about the Android 12 updates. Some developer says about the double tap scrollable screenshot feature in the back panel of the device. You will get faster updates as compared to previous Android versions. Android 12 features app hibernating, which will improve your battery backup too.

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