Apple's 'Hide MY Email': Here's How It Works

Apple's 'Hide MY Email': Here's How It Works

Jun 18, 2021, 9:20:38 AM News

Hide My Email is an upcoming feature related to users’ privacy designed by Apple. The upcoming privacy feature will help users to keep their original email addresses safe and secure.

Apple is going to offer a new privacy feature, i.e., Hide My Email. The tech giant will offer this exciting feature with upcoming iPadOS15, macOS Monterey, and iOS 15 software updates. It announced about ‘Hide My Email’ feature during its Worldwide Developers Conference 2021. At the same, the company debuted many brand new software improvements and features to its operating system. For example, it launched Focus for iOS and the Reflect on Apple Watch.

About The iOS Mail App

The iOS Mail app allows iOS device users to add their desired email account such as Yahoo or Gmail and comes pre-installed on these devices. Last year, the Mail app became the target of cybercriminals due to its security flaw. Some cybercriminals attempted to access the account of users when they opened them.

Fortunately, the tech giant noticed the issue and rolled out an instant patch for the security flaw. In addition, another new privacy feature related to email security announced during Apple’s WWDC 2021 is Mail Privacy Protection. It is a solution that the company has designed to prevent email senders from getting any additional information about the user.

Hide My Email: Its Features & Benefits

Hide My Email is designed to cater to the needs of those users who want greater control on their email accounts. For example, Apple notes that users can exercise greater over who is seeing their email accounts.

Besides, this newly announced feature lets users generate email addresses randomly. Further, the senders can see that randomly generated email of the users instead of their original personal email.

Apart from these, the Hide My Email feature comes under iCloud+. It is a new feature based on subscription. Plus, it is bundled with excellent support for the new Privacy Relay VPN and HomeKit security camera-like features.

Since it is a subscription-based plan, users who want to use Hide My Email will have to sign-up for any of the three plans of iCloud+. These plans are priced at $ 9.99, $2.99, and $0.99 per month.

Apple’s Hide MY Email: How It Works

Hide My Email sends emails from email addresses generated randomly to another email account. So, the users can see the emails that senders send to them. Here, users can use this feature to generate and delete as many random addresses as they want and need.

Those who opt for iCloud+ plans based on subscriptions will automatically get the Hide MY Email option in their Mail App. Plus, it will be included in Safari and iCloud once the software updates are rolled out later.

It is pretty easy for users to use the Hide My Email feature. First, they will need to choose the From field when they want to send the email. Then, please tap on the Hide My Email option to generate a random address. If Apple would have provided this specific feature to all users, then no doubt it would have been a piece of great news. But, it is worth the cost to users who have this facility.

Hide My Email feature protects users from giving their email addresses to the wrong people inadvertently. Also, it reroutes unwanted emails and removes the stress on the minds of people who provide their email address online.

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