Battlefield 2042 Hovercraft’s wall climbing surprises you

Battlefield 2042 Hovercraft’s wall climbing surprises you

Nov 22, 2021, 8:32:46 AM Entertainment

 Battlefield 2042 is quite a buggy mess where the players are surprised with Hovercraft’s vertical wall climbing. This bug is a mixed experience for the players as the Hovercraft is either broken or genius; however, this buggy mess is a pretty fun addition to the game. The LCAA Hovercraft, the Battlefield four-seat Hovercraft that carries an array of weapons, climbs the walls vertically without facing many difficulties. The players did not think of such Hovercrafts means these hovercrafts are completely broken and have just become a piece of fun. Let’s dive deeper to find more detail.

The LCAA Hovercraft takes the Battlefield to the next level, but it is similar to swamp fan boats and not like a hover. However, you may be surprised that these wall climbing Hovercrafts are not even fictitious, as militaries around the globe also use actual vehicles resembling the design.

Further, to add more to your surprise, the wall climbing hovercrafts stuck to any surface underneath it.

A Reddit user Z Snyder shared a video clip of a Hovercraft driving in Battlefield 2042 where the Hovercraft is climbing vertical surfaces without facing difficulties. To your surprise, anyone can do it as the Hovercraft stick to any surface like glue—the hovercraft, not just climb on vertical walls but also stick to flat surfaces like a fridge magnet.

Are Hovercrafts of Battlefield 2042 harmless?

These are generally harmless hovercrafts bugs, and the developers at DICE are assumed not to make such a drivable elevator. You can say there’s an inherent unfair advantage that enables hovercraft to drive up the side of a building to reach the roof where the enemies might be hiding. The game Battlefield 2042 allows the hovercraft to move through all surfaces. For instance, it can roll on a flat surface and stick like a fridge magnet. Furthermore, it drives upon the vertical wall as well without facing difficulties. To your further surprise, you can observe tanks are airlifted onto a roof in the same way.

As you know, Hovercrafts are used for multiple purchases such as for racing, rescue, military, and for many other commercial uses. Regarding Battlefield 2042 game, here, the hovercrafts are used to take out the enemies; however, they are comparatively harmless. Furthermore, it is pretty surprising to see it climbing on the vertical walls or any surface, even against gravity. Undoubtedly, this type of hovercrafts’ move is incredible for the players; however, they may see improvement in it as the developers are already looking into the case is already being looked into by developers. Finally, we are observing hundreds of suggestions to rectify the hovercrafts’ movement in the coming days.

The players can try it by making their purchases go live on November 19. Here you can observe the hovercraft and their moves which are not bound to the law of physics.

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