Discord Old Logo Vs. New: Here's Everything You Need To Know

Discord Old Logo Vs. New: Here's Everything You Need To Know

Jun 18, 2021, 10:39:37 AM News

Discord has recently updated its log design in the celebration of its sixth birthday. Here’ why and how Discord changed it.

Discord is a free video, text, and voice app, and last month, it celebrated its sixth birthday. Discord celebrated its birthday by changing its logo. Amidst this, the popular communication app has much more to celebrate.

With the ongoing pandemic that has forced everyone to follow social distancing and stay at their home, Discord thrived hugely and expanded its reach to more than 150 billion users all across the world.

It expanded its services across various niches worldwide. Since then, the company never looked back and explored new markets. Even, it flirted with a potential sale to a more prominent company.

Discord: Its Journey & Success

The communication app was founded in 2015. It arrived with the simple premise to allow online game players to plan matches against each other and work together on co-op missions. Discord begin offering a way for online game players to form communities and engage with each other and thrived.

Then came the year 2020, with a pandemic that forced people to stay at home. Companies were also forced to adopt work from home culture. People begin looking for ways to stay in touch with their family and friends. This scenario helped Discord to become popular among people. It shifts its focus from gamers to everyday people and their communication needs.

 Its strategy brings immense popularity to this app. Even its growth attracted the attention of many other companies. For example, Microsoft tried to purchase Discord, but the negotiations failed. Now, Discord is celebrating its sixth birthday and with a slight logo redesign.

Discord Updated Its Logo

Now, it is visible on the app, and in the app’s official blog post, the popular communication app has redesigned its logo. Officially, the newly designed logo is known as Clyde. The newly designed logo has bottom shoulders and rounded tops.

In the redesigned logo, app users and other people can see that the old logo’s short antennas are replaced with more shoulder likes. Additionally, the colors of this newly designed logo are also now more saturated. It creates a darker Blurple shade, as Discord named it.

Also, the communication app has updated the wordmark of the logo by creating a new font and changing it to the title case.

Discord: Why It Changed Its Logo

Discord has many other practical reasons to change its logo besides celebrating its birthday. First, the company noticed that the old antennas of the logo did not appear more significantly or prominently well printed on some specific materials. More specifically, it did not appear well on smaller formats.

From the designers’ perspective, the company has also freed its old logo from its older constraints inside a speech bubble. Even though the speech bubble signifies what Discord is about and its popularity, its design element is still not so relevant now.

Also, the old design limited the options to customize the logo’s look. Finally, the old logo was also asymmetrical. All these might not be so possible or obvious, other than the purveyor’s eagle eyes. But, solving this issue was on the to-do list of the company.

On intangible terms, the redesigned logo of the company presents its playfulness and friendliness. Plus, it maintains its familiarity with its older users also. The new logo reflects the new initiatives of the company to serve a wide range of audiences moving past its identity centered on gaming. Overall, the new logo presents a new era for the company.

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