Essential Tips to Masters a Track For Professionally

Essential Tips to Masters a Track For Professionally

Dec 27, 2021, 9:04:59 AM News

Have you just recorded a track? Are you waiting for someone expert to master the track professionally? If yes, this article is for you! An expert sound engineer can charge hefty money to master a track professionally. If you are an emerging artist in the field, you will find it hard to afford the cost of mastering a track. To help you with the process of mastering a track, we have shared several effective mastering tips below. Read these tips and put these into action to get the professional-sounding quality of an audio track. Read below.

Equalize the Audio Properly

Before you start the process to master a track, make sure that you have properly recorded the vocals in a sound-proof room. There should be no hiss, hum, or ambient noise in the audio track. It may be difficult to master a track if ambient noise is beyond the limit. Choose the audio clip in your digital audio workstation and open any in-built equalizer in your DAW to master a track. If your DAW’s in-built equalizer does not work properly, you can download Nova Equalizer. It is a free plugin that can help you reduce unwanted frequencies from a track. Find the frequencies that make your audio track sound muffled. Adjust them properly to make your audio track sound professional.

Remove the Unwanted Noise

If you want to remove unwanted noise from audio and master a track professionally, you need RX advanced audio editor. RX audio advanced audio editor offers several vocal editing features such as the Denoise, Decrackle, and Declip. If an audio track has noise, you can eliminate noise from it by using the Denoise feature available in the software. If your track sounds muffled, you can use either Declip or Decrackle. With the help of the features, one can quickly remove unwanted noise from an audio track, and the recorded vocals easily by putting in the least effort. The tools will help you master a track easily and quickly in the same way as professional sound engineers do.

Align the Vocals

You can’t make your audio track sound professional unless you correctly align the vocals. Equalizing the specific parts can change the overall tone of a singer or rapper. You should pay special attention to vocal alignment to stop it from happening. To deal with such an issue, you need FabFilter Pro. It is an advanced mastering suite. Use FabFilter Pro plugin integrated into the suite. Equalize different parts of vocals so that the tone of the whole vocal sounds similar. You may need to try Limiter, Compressor, too, to align vocals properly. It is the third important rule to master a track. Aligning vocals require good listening skills that you must have to be a professional sound engineer.

Enhance Audio Quality

Delay and reverb are two important effects mostly used in any musical genre. Delay has several types. The most preferred delay effect type that sound engineers choose is Stereo Delay. It makes vocals sound more professional.

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