Everything You Should Know About the Latest Android 12 Go Edition

Everything You Should Know About the Latest Android 12 Go Edition

Dec 23, 2021, 9:08:44 AM News

Android 12 Go Edition has had the biggest design changes in years. Android users can download the latest operating system on Pixel devices and a few other devices. It also has over 200 million users. The Go Edition will make cheap Android phones more efficient and faster. Here is everything you should know about the latest Android 12 operating system.

Android 12 Go Edition

Android Go edition has been on the market since Android Oreo. The Android Oreo was released in December 2017. In short, it offers a lightweight version of Android for devices with less than 2 GB of RAM.

The Android 12 Go Edition will be available for several devices in 2022, and we are close to the official release. Google has also provided a feature breakdown. Google also claims you will get a 30% increase in application launch speed.

Android 12 Go Edition- Privacy Features

Google has added new privacy features to the Android 12 Go Edition. The privacy feature is similar to the Android 12 operating system. It provides more control and transparency. An improved privacy panel prevents applications from collecting camera and microphone access. However, these policies are not as strict as Apple’s iOS 14.5.

Android 12 Go Edition- Battery Life & Storage

It helps users get more battery life because of the app hibernation feature. The feature resets the permissions when you do not use the app for an extended period. The Android 12 Go Edition will also have the File Go app, and it allows users to recover their files within 30 days.

Android 12 Go Edition- Notifications

Android 12 Go Edition has redesigned notifications. These changes make them more functional and modern. Whenever you click on any notification, it takes you directly to the application or action. It also makes your device faster because it does not use the old intermediary system.

Android 12 Go Edition- Themes

Android 12 Go Edition offers a new theme design and functionality. The color extraction feature updates the whole android operating system whenever you choose any wallpaper. It includes custom colors, notifications, widgets, and a lock screen.

Android 12 Go Edition- One-Handed mode

The Android 12 Go Edition includes a new design change that makes android devices easier to use. You can use it with your thumb in one-handed mode. It moves the search bar to the bottom of the display for easier access.

The Silky Home feature makes the android interface more suitable for one-handed use.

Android 12 Go Edition – Recycle Bin

Android 12 Go Edition comes with a hidden recycle bin feature. You can manage your deleted files here. You will also get information about how much storage space you have in the file manager.


Android 12 Go Edition comes with a new privacy dashboard. It offers details about several apps accessing mic or camera access. It also brings privacy controls, device sharing, longer battery life, new intelligent features, and faster app launching in your devices. You should check our other blogs to get more information about the latest smartphone operating systems and how you can download them. Post your queries in the comment box below.

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