Fix: Modern Warfare DirectX Encountered Unrecoverable Error

Fix: Modern Warfare DirectX Encountered Unrecoverable Error

Sep 27, 2021, 8:54:37 AM News

Are you searching for an effective method to solve Modern Warfare DirectX Encountered Unrecoverable error? If yes, then you are at the ideal place as here you will get the solution for this frustrating issue. The bug message clearly shows that there are several hassles in DirectX. So, depending upon your system’s structural design, check out the essential steps to eradicate it with ease.

Shut the Monitoring Tools

If you are struggling to shut the monitoring tools, pursue the provided instructions below:

  1. Do a right-click on the taskbar and go to the flyout menu, then choose Task Manager.
  2. You should find and right-click on the monitoring tools of the third party.
  3. Now, select the End Task option and provide a try to the game.

Upgrade the Windows to Fix the Error

If you are struggling to upgrade the Windows to solve the issue, pursue the provided instructions below:

  1. Hold the Win, and I keys altogether on your keyboard to launch the Windows Settings.
  2. After that, select the Update and Security option after the UI comes into view.
  3. Windows Update screen showing all the connected settings brings upon the system window.
  4. Move to the right-hand side panel and choose the ‘Check for updates’ tab.
  5. You should select the Download tab to take all the appropriate patches.
  6. Pursue the steps to install them and restart the system in case the upgrade asks for.
  7. Now, after installing the newest Windows 10 version, getting the error minimizes a lot.

Confirm the Game’s DirectX Version Requirement

If you want to verify the game’s DirectX version requirement, pursue the provided instructions below:

  1. Get entry to the web page of the game’s publisher, or optionally, you should open its Steam screen too.
  2. Check out and notice its DirectX PC requirements.
  3. After that, hold the Win + R keys on the keyboard to launch the Run dialogue box.
  4. Enter ‘dxdiag’ into it and select the OK to continue further.
  5. The over command will instantly launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, and the user will reach the System tab as it is set by default. Check out the DirectX version and see whether it is compatible with that of the game. Furthermore, according to the Windows platform too. For instance, for the time being, Windows 10 compatibles DirectX 12 only.
  6. Now, in case it is outdated, take the newest version of it.

Carry Out a Registry Tweak

If you are struggling to carry out a registry tweak, pursue the provided instructions below:

  1. Hold the Win + X keys altogether on your keyboard and choose the Run within the flyout menu.
  2. Enter ‘regedit’ and select the OK tab to enter Registry Editor.
  3. Navigate to the under mentioned path: Computer > HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > PROTOCOLS > Filter > text/xml.
  4. Go to the toolbar and select the File, then pick the Export option.
  5. Choose a safe location, give a name to the File, and store the chosen registry branch.
  6. Continuing ahead, do a right-click on ‘text/xml,’ select the Delete button.
  7. Now, to verify the deletion process, click on the Yes option.
  8. Finally, shut the registry and reboot the Windows 10 system to solve the DirectX gaming issue.

Set up Display Scaling

If you are struggling to set up the display scaling, pursue the provided instructions below:

  1. Press the Win + D keys on the keyboard, reach the blank area, and then right-click.
  2. You should click on the Display Settings.
  3. Then select the link of ‘Advanced scaling settings’ at the right-hand side of the pursuing screen.
  4. Navigate to the Custom scaling field and input 100 into the text section given.
  5. Later, select the Apply tab.
  6. Now, to save the custom scaling factor, click on the Sign-out.

Install the Newest Game Version

If you are struggling to install the latest version of the game, pursue the provided instructions below:

  1. Perform a right-click on the Start logo and choose the ‘Device Manager’ from the flyout Win + X menu.
  2. After launching the console, reach the category Display adapter and right-click on it.
  3. Go to every graphics card on a list, right-click on it individually, and select Update Driver.
  4. Choose Search Automatically for drivers from the window that can be opened.
  5. Continue with the steps and complete upgrading the graphic card.
  6. To take the modification into effect, restart the system and open the game once more.
  7. Hopefully, there will no longer be DirectX errors.

So, there you have got the easiest and attractive methods to fix the issue.

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