Google Has Used Artificial Intelligence Tech Creatively Once Again

Google Has Used Artificial Intelligence Tech Creatively Once Again

Oct 21, 2021, 7:13:05 AM News

There have been a lot of horror stories regarding the destruction. Should an AI become advanced enough and reaches the point of singularity? However, companies are only using their presence of mind and technological prowess to use AI to their advantage and to benefit humanity in general.

Scientists and researchers are throwing the algorithms made out of deep learning and AI on almost everywhere now. And, it is not as if they are getting bad results. The results have been staggering rather.

A recent report has come out of Google Trends suggesting that Google is investing in another creative project. The news has arrived from an event called “Sustainability with Google.” During the event, an interesting ongoing research project was brought into the spotlight. It was about applying Artificial Intelligence technology to significantly decrease the amount of time people usually spend during traffic jams.

If you ever lived in Los Angeles, you know that humans waste more time during traffic jams than people assume. It is not only a wastage of time and human effort, but it is also a wastage of fuel and productive energy.

Another piece of astonishing statistics has come out of Israel that such a project made the country save up to 10 or 20 percent on intersection delays and fuel wastage. An effortless application of an effective AI in this field is that not only it would help humanity in dealing with pollution by significantly reducing fuel consumption, and in turn, the ejection of smoke, but it also enables all the travelers to reach their destination faster and spend their time and energy in productive tasks rather than being stuck in a quotidian traffic jam.

The research work involved extensive calculations about light timing and traffic scenarios within the fringes of justified accuracy. The researchers utilized the data and these calculations and then designed an Artificial Intelligence model based on it. It is worthwhile to reveal that the first-of-its-kind pilot project was overseen only in Israel.

However, Google is not looking to stop investing in this and is preparing to manage traffic in multiple cities using its in-house AI model. All the significant cities with the highest reported traffic are on the radar of Google, but the next destination seems to be Rio de Janeiro.

Furthermore, this project is not the solo project related to sustainability that Google has bet its money on. If you need knowledge regarding such Google projects, you must read more about it by searching for “Environmental Insights Explorer.”

Google has laid out its plan of helping around five hundred significant cities with the pollution problem by 2030. Apart from that, Google wants to contribute to the cause of climate change by drawing out at least one gigaton of carbon emission by the time this decade comes to an end.

A decade ago, AI seemed like deadwood. The spark was gone. However, everything has changed as different marquee organizations and companies invest in AI teach to help their projects and help the world. A project similar to this one is “Tree Canopy Insights,” which employs Artificial Intelligence and deep learning concepts to layout areas in front of the users, which have more greenery than those with less greenery.


Humans need technology to build a more advanced world tomorrow and build a much cleaner and self-sustainable world. Google is propelling the private sector in the right direction by investing in multiple AI projects to make significant cities around the world greener and more competent.

Published by Elisa Wilson

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