Here's How You Can Try Google Gmail's New Integrated Chat Feature!

Here's How You Can Try Google Gmail's New Integrated Chat Feature!

Jun 11, 2021, 10:18:41 AM News

After launching it as a feature only for the Google Workspace users in July last year, Google is now going to expand the ability to read Chat messages directly from Gmail to more iOS and Android users. But remember that it’s still in its beta phase, so getting access to it may require some effort, and depending on your account settings, it may not be available to you at all. If you can get it to work successfully, you’ll receive a new tab at the bottom of the Gmail app that gives you access to your Instant Messages.

Here Is How You Can Enable It

On iOS or Android, enter the side menu and scroll down to Settings to enable the functionality. If you have multiple accounts, choose the one you want, then go to General and look for “Chat (early access).” It is turned on by flipping the toggle (after you restart the app).

If you still don’t see the Chat option in the desktop version of Gmail, try navigating to and selecting Google Chat from the Chat menu. The toggle should appear right after you restart the Gmail app on your phone.

Google Chat is the company’s alternative for Hangouts, which has been gradually phasing down for the past few years. Gmail’s integrated chat is also available as a standalone app, but if you don’t like having a bunch of chat apps on your phone, having it just exists as a tab in Gmail might be more convenient and simple for you.

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