How is PUBG New State Different from the PUBG Mobile Game?

How is PUBG New State Different from the PUBG Mobile Game?

 Were you waiting for the PUBG New State game update? Well, PUBG New State is available for you now with some advanced features. The New State game takes players to experience the 2051 battle with cutting-edge technology, weapons, and vehicles. The New State has a unique map called “TROI” that features future gameplay to optimize the PUBG experience.

However, the players can’t underestimate the PUBG Mobile game with multiple modes for both new and seasoned players. Want to know the differences between these two games? Keep reading to understand the significant differences.

Features of PUBG New State game

PNS is an updated version of the PUBG Mobile game for those looking for the next iteration of games with overall improvement. In addition, there are lots of new mechanics to enjoy, improved customization modes, and the proliferation of new vehicles and next-generation weapons that will provide an incredible experience to players. The players will observe unique positive differences in the mechanics.

Further, is there any change in the controls in the PUBG NS?

The New State controls are almost similar to PUBG Mobile games; however, you can observe a slight modification in button customization. PUBG New State has controls with smaller buttons and an increase in number to incorporate the new mechanics. These few changes are made to compensate for the new game addition. However, the players will feel it is almost similar to the PUBG Mobile.

Software support and memory for both games

PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile games are supported on both Android and iOS. Here’s the minimum memory requirement and software they support.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile supports Android (5.11 or above) and iOS (9.0 or later), and both differ in memory needs. The minimum memory for Android and iOS is 2GB and 1.8GB, respectively.

PUBG New State

PUBG New State supports Android (6) and iOS (10) and differs in memory needs. The minimum memory for Android and iOS is 2.5GB and 2.5GB, respectively.

PNS offers enhanced graphics, incredible weapons, and vehicles to take the gaming experience to the next level. It provides multiple gaming modes with its unique map, ‘TROI.’ Further, it promises exciting features and graphics.

The most surprising thing is the difference in the development where a division of Tencent game developed the PUBG Mobile, and PUBG ported it from there, but PUBG New State is the first game developed by PUBG Studios. It is the first mobile game developed by them with enhanced features. Finally, players looking to try something new can try PUBG New State; undoubtedly, it is the first game developed by PUBG Studios. Therefore, players find it more exciting and can experience it better over the PUBG Mobile. So, if you love the features and quality of the New State, give it a try.

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