How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200

Oct 18, 2021, 7:21:29 AM News

Canon printers are extensively famous and compatible for both workplace and home use. Any Canon printer user may face Canon printer error code B200. Canon printer users can get annoyed by this issue as they think that the time to purchase a new printer has come. Getting this error can be irritating.

The error code B200 is not simple to repair. A few Canon printer users complain about the error code B200 on their Canon printers. We have made a list of the best resolutions to the error B200. An error can have more than one resolution.

Why Does Canon Printer Error Code B200 Occur?

In numerous situations, the error code B200 can be the reason for the outdated or faulty print head. The printer’s print head is a related party to the Canon printer. The Canon printer will not function when you see something wrong and get an “Error code B200” message.

Resolution 1

In case you are facing a similar error code on the Canon printer, don’t worry. All you require to do is detach the power cable of the printer. Now, shift the Canon printer two or three times. Now, you need to switch on the Canon printer once again. It may repair the Canon error code B200.


You having one more resolution to repair the error is pretty simple. One can solve it instantly. You are required to either replace the ink cartridge or re-install the exact cartridge correctly. Apart from this, remember that the cartridge show inside the Canon printer should not be blank. You have to clean the print head also. Doing so will solve the issue.

Resolution 3

Multiple experts say that the error code B200 happens mostly on inkjet printers. Even the printer experts working at Canon say that the error B200 is the obstruction caused to the internal parts of the Canon printer. In this case, the crib does not shift freely.

This is what causes the error code to show on your printer. To repair the Canon B200 error message, switch off the Canon printer and delete the obstructions and switch on the Canon printer and remove it. Now is the time to check whether the error is solved.

Resolution 4

A few experts say that both the cartridges and printhead may sometimes cause Canon printer error code B200. You can check the position of the cartridge and make sure that the print head is dust-free.

Also, you should check the patches and make corrections to them. If the issue is relevant to patches, making corrections to these patches will surely put the error to an end.

Resolution 5

To get rid of this error, resetting the print head can instantly solve the canon printer B200 error message. To get started, you require to detach the Canon printer from the power socket. Open the lid to check the print head. Then drag the print head to its Center, connect the print head, and switch on the print head.

Remember that you require to keep the cover uncover while you switch it on. The Canon printer’s print head will now begin. Shut the cover and let the printer restart once the print head starts moving to the left side.

Use Canon Print and Scan Doctor 

If the user wishes to look for the Canon Print and Scan Doctor, they can pursue the mentioned instructions.

  1. The Canon Print and Scan Doctor should be a handy troubleshooting utility for Canon printer
  2. error codes.
  3. Launch the installer for Canon Print and Scan Doctor.
  4. Ensure that the Canon printer is enabled.
  5. After that, launch the screen of Canon Print and Scan Doctor.
  6. You have to select the Start tab on the screen of Canon Print and Scan Doctor.
  7. Go to the printer that you require to solve the B200 error.
  8. Later, tap on the Next tab.
  9. You should click on the Fix Printing tab.
  10. Now, go via whatever troubleshooting procedures for problems identified.

A Canon printer user can find the error code B200 annoying. To fix the error, we have suggested some effective solutions above. We hope one of these will work great for you.

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