How to Fix Errors of Norton Antivirus Plug-In While Using Office?

How to Fix Errors of Norton Antivirus Plug-In While Using Office?

Feb 18, 2021, 5:30:54 AM News

After you have downloaded your Microsoft Office toolkit (be it Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Office 2019), how would you determine whether the product is safe to use or not? In order to ensure that, you need to enable the Norton Antivirus plug-in for your office product.

The Norton Antivirus plug-in will scan all your office documents and detect the presence of any macro virus if there is one in your file.

However, there are some demerits of the Norton antivirus plug-in. The plug-in will most definitely affect the performance of your office product. It can also cause hindrance while opening an Office file and can also vastly impact the download process of some other Office files.

You sometimes also receive an error message while launching an office file or while opening your Outlook email if your Norton antivirus plug-in is not working efficiently.

The blog will guide you briefly on how to fix certain errors and how to comprehensively enable the plug-in so that you can use your Office product without exposing your system to any risks.

To fix the errors listed above, you can proceed to go for any of the following listed methods.

First Method- Get a Live Norton Plug-In Update

In order to ensure that the Norton antivirus plug-in is working efficiently in your system, you need to ensure that you are using an updated and latest product. So, check if there is an update available in the “Live Update” section. If there is one available, kindly proceed to install it.

Side Note:- You might sometimes face problems while installing the updates because there are instances when the update is available in the “Live Update” section in a very different language. In such situations, try to translate the page, if possible.

Second Method-Disable the Plug-In

For some reason, if you do not find an update or you are unable to install it, you may opt to go for this route.

Side Note:- You should never go for this method if you are storing some highly sensitive or confidential data in your office files. However, if you wish to go for the second method, kindly ensure that you are well-equipped with all the knowledge pertaining to the risks involved in it. You may read about all the risks involved at

It is imperative to understand that once you disable your Norton antivirus plug-in product from your office files, the product will be unable to scan or detect the presence of any nefarious threats such as file defectors or malwares. However, you can rest assured that a feature called Norton Antivirus Auto-Protect will still provide real-time detection of any files you proceed to either open, download, delete, create, or launch in your system. But, there is no in-depth analysis as offered by the Norton Antivirus plug-in.

You may now follow the following steps to commence the disabling process of your Norton Antivirus plug-in. The following procedures are only applicable for Norton antivirus 2009; however, depending upon the version of the product or the operating system available in your device, the procedures might be different. To ensure that you are following the right way, kindly check the product documentation, which will be available to you if you have bought the product from a reliable source, or else, visit the webpage:

Norton Antivirus-Version 2009 (Turn-Off for Microsoft Office)

You may follow the following steps after knowing all the details of the risks involved.

1) In the taskbar, you may find the icon of the Norton antivirus. Right-click on it, and then proceed to hit on settings.

2) Right under the option of computer scans, you will find an icon in the proximity of the title “Microsoft Office Automatic Scan” to switch the setting from on to off and vice versa. Turn it off.

3) Hit on the “Ok” option.

In the instance when the Norton Antivirus is not present in the taskbar, you need to hit on the Start button, and from there on, proceed to select All Programs. There, locate the option of Norton Antivirus. Click on it, and follow the above steps.


While Norton Antivirus plug-in is a powerful tool when enabled, however, if it is hampering your work, you must turn it off. It is always advisable that before enabling, you must ensure that you are working with an updated version of the antivirus.

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